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I am Stephen Ou, the founder of Artsy Editor, a premium WordPress editor that is helping hundreds of bloggers and clients write more efficiently.
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    Complete Marketing Guide for WP Developers, Part 3: Post-LaunchPlugin marketing guide 3
    In the first two posts, we talked about pre-launch strategies and launch strategies respectively. But remember, pre-launch is 3 months at the longest, launch is only about 1 to 2 weeks, but post-launch can last extremely long. Hypothetically, it can last forever if your theme/plugin is successful. That's why I want to use an entire post talking about 10 killer strategies that you can take actions on instantly to bring your theme/plugin to a success.Read More…
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    Complete Marketing Guide for WP Developers, Part 2: LaunchPlugin marketing guide 2
    In the first segment of our 3-part series teaching marketing 101 to WordPress developers, we covered pre-launch strategies - the period of time where you are super enthusiastic about your idea and can't wait to get it out to world. Now, after 3 months of blood and sweat, your theme/plugin is ready. It's time to launch it.Read More…
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    Complete Marketing Guide for WP Developers, Part 1: Pre-LaunchPlugin marketing guide 1
    Ok, so you fancy yourself as a hardcore WordPress developer who knows the most popular CMS in the world inside out; You can design and code a WordPress theme in a weekend; You crank out a WordPress plugin with the cleanest code possible. There's nothing you can't do with your godlike coding skills... but nobody is using your plugins or themes. "What gives?" Today we're kicking off a new series that examines just that: How to effectively market your plugins and themes.Read More…