Stelian Subotin
Stelian Subotin is an enthusiast and design fan from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphs or follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.
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    Resource Roundup: 10+ Sources for Web Background PatternsWeb design background patterns
    Creating background patterns can be a bit of a pain in the butt if you don't have the patience to do it properly... That's why finding professional sources for pre-made background patterns can be a huge time saver. In the collection below, we have carefully gathered 12 websites where you can download awesome background patterns. We'll also share over 100 background patterns that you can use in your own projects!Read More…
  • Web Design
    30+ Awesome Free Fonts for Kick-Ass Web DesignsWeb fonts
    As we examined last week in our Font Replacement Review, new technologies have liberating web typography from the ordinary web safe fonts to a truly wide open horizon of new and bold and imaginative typefaces. It's easier than ever to include your own custom fonts in a web design using various font replacement technologies. Today, we'll review over 30 fonts that are worthy of your own font library.Read More…
  • Web Design
    35+ Icon Packs For Web Designers (That Don't Suck!)Post img
    Updated List! Great Web Icons are a vital piece of any web designer's bag of tricks... and while becoming a master icon designer can take years of practice, the good news is that there are a lot of designers that love to create high quality icon packs and share them with the design community. Today we're going to show off some of the beautiful and breath-stopping icon packs that you can use in your own designs. Oh, and these won't suck... there's a good chance you'll even use a few of them!Read More…