Soumitra Chakraborty
I am a software developer cum web content writer. I just love exploring new techniques and share them among budding developers. Cheers!
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    Creating a WordPress Post Text Size Changer Using jQueryUntitled
    We already know that WordPress is considered the most popular CMS in the world and when it combines with jQuery, it can create wonders. In this tutorial we shall be discussing one example of the usefulness of jQuery in WordPress, by creating a front-end post text size changer. This tutorial is aimed at beginners who are learning to introduce the magic of jQuery in WordPress.Read More…
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    A Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types: Taxonomies, Admin Columns, Filters and ArchivesA guide to wordpress custom post types taxonomies admin columns filters and archives
    Before diving into this tutorial please go through my first tutorial on Custom Post Types, where I have explained some of the important aspects of CPTs (Custom Post Types). In this tutorial we shall explore more about this wonderful feature in WordPress.Read More…
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    A Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types: Creation, Display and Meta BoxesA guide to wordpress custom post types  creation, display and meta boxes
    WordPress is built for customization. It was created in such a way that each and every section is customizable. In this tutorial we will be exploring one of the most powerful features of WordPress known as Custom Post Types and how WordPress reached a new height with the advent of this wonderful feature.Read More…
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    A Complete Guide to Publishing WordPress Posts Using Windows Live WriterPreview
    Ever thought of publishing your WordPress posts without logging into your account and with great formatting? Yes, that is possible with the use of the free tool from Microsoft named Windows Live Writer. Let us explore the tool in depth and as an extension of WordPress.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Using the WordPress wp_tag_cloud() Function the Right WayPreview
    We all know that tags are a vital part of WordPress taxonomies, which are a way of grouping things together. Tags are created on the fly while creating posts and help us to locate similar posts linked by particular tags. Generally in a WordPress blog, different tags are grouped inside a tag cloud, and the size of each tag determines the frequency of its assignments to posts. Here we shall look into the correct usage of the wp_tag_cloud() function, which is responsible for all these tag clouds.Read More…
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    WordPress Multisite Beyond Basics: Essentials and Domain MappingPreview
    Today we will be discussing a few very important aspects of WordPress Multisite. If you are new to WordPress Multisite please go through the WordPress installation tutorial first to get an overall idea of the Multisite feature in WordPress. In this tutorial I shall be discussing a few key things essential for WordPress Multisite installation, along with some common troubleshooting tips. Finally I shall discuss WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping in detail.Read More…
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    How to Build an E-Commerce Website Using WordPress: Part 2Image1
    This is the second and final part of the WordPress E-Commerce tutorial. Here we will go through the final steps of completing our WordPress e-commerce web site. You will be shown with the process of adding products to your site, using different widgets to enhance your site, using different reports to keep track of the sales and efficient use of shortcodes.Read More…
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    How to Build an E-Commerce Website Using WordPress: Part 1Ecommerce
    Today we will be creating a simple but powerful e-commerce site using one of the most popular WordPress plugins called WP e-Commerce. Using this plugin we will be creating a website which sells holiday gifts!Read More…
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    Getting Started with AJAX & WordPress PaginationAjax
    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a web technology that allows a web page to dynamically update content without reloading the page within the browser. The website becomes more interactive and responsive with the use of this technology. Ajax is supported by almost all the visual web browsers... so today, we'll show you how to setup some custom WordPress Pagination magic using AJAX.Read More…
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    PHP for WordPress: Mastering Conditional Statements and TagsPhp4wp
    The conditional statements feature is an extremely useful and powerful feature in WordPress; still it remains unused in the development process. You can achieve many things by the simple and smart use of these statements. Sometimes when you need specific text or a unique image to appear on a specific page and not on any other pages in your site, by using conditional statements along with WordPress conditional tags you can achieve this easily without creating multiple pages or templates.Read More…