Skellie is a writer and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.
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    2013 Trends in Online Microbusiness8 2013 trends in online microbusiness
    2013 is slowly drawing to a close, and 2014 stretches out ahead of us. The world of online microbusiness is being shaped and buffeted by surrounding industries, by startups, by internet marketing, by rapidly increasing rates of code literacy.Read More…
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    The Microbusiness Owner's Guide to More Profit, More Fun and More Time7 microbusiness owners profit and fun guide
    You’ve worked hard for weeks and months, and your microbusiness is successful--whatever that means for you. From here, it’s up to you to help it become more profitable and more fun to run. In this post, discover how to create a more profitable microbusiness by observing usage trends. Dig into ways to eliminate the work you don’t enjoy in your microbusiness. Learn how to free up your time by slowly replacing yourself in the day-to-day administration of your microbusiness. Consider how to prepare your microbusiness for sale, in case the time to sell should come.Read More…
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    The No-Nonsense Guide to Marketing Your Microbusiness5 guide marketing your microbusiness
    Your online microbusiness has launched. At this stage, some of you will be endlessly refreshing your email/analytics/PayPal account as orders, visits and customers roll in. If so, congratulations! But for many, our launches may only bring a handful of visitors, customers, or orders. What’s next? First, don’t be disheartened. The effort to acquire each new customer for your microbusiness decreases exponentially with each new, happy user. So, in a pattern that someone much more mathematically gifted than I could probably model, your first customers are worth 100 or even 1,000 of your later customers. Your earliest customers are the vectors that begin the word-of-mouth process that will happen if your business is truly contributing something valuable to the world. But how do you get them?Read More…
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    10 Step Launch Blueprint for Your Online Microbusiness4 online microbusiness launch blueprint
    Now that you’ve developed a fluid business plan template for your online microbusiness, it’s time to start preparing for launch. Like a runner in a race, your start can deeply affect your performance. We’ll assume that you’re launching your microbusiness without a pre-existing brand or audience to leverage. One of the biggest and hardest questions in online business is this: how do I go from having nothing at all to running a thriving and profitable online business? The leap seems huge, and if approached as a leap, it is. That’s why it’s important that your break the launch process down into small, actionable steps. The good news is, regardless of the microbusiness model you chose, many elements of a strong launch are repeatable and will work across a variety of microbusiness types. In this post I’ll share with you my blueprint for a successful microbusiness launch.Read More…
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    Get Coding Done on MicrolancerMicrolancer 400x400
    Envato's Microlancer has just launched web development services. If you need help to find an HTML/CSS or WordPress developer, our talented service providers are available to work with you.Read More…
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    A Fluid Business Plan Template for Your Microbusiness3 fluid business plan template for online microbusinesses
    If you've been following along with this Session on Kickstarting Your Online Microbusiness, you should have read our deep dive into the top seven online microbusiness models and have chosen the microbusiness that suits you. Next, it’s time to map out the specifics of how you will setup and run your business, and how you will ensure its success. We’ll do this using a business plan. Before you run for the hills, know that we’ll be disregarding precedents set by stuffy, overlong business plans of old. This will be a living document, designed to be revised, reviewed and updated each month. It exists solely to keep you and your business focused on what really matters.Read More…
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    Make More Money as a Web Dev + Awesome Desktop Wallpaper400 microlancer
    Envato, the people behind Nettuts+, have created a new avenue for web developers to earn an income doing what they love.Read More…
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    Deep-Dive: The 7 Best Online Microbusiness Models 2 best online microbusinesses models deep dive
    You know that you want the lifestyle and autonomy that a successful microbusiness can provide, but which type of online microbusiness is right for you? In this article, we deep-dive into each of the seven main types of online microbusinesses and help you identify which is the best match for your skills, resources and appetite for risk. We cover: online retail, self-publishing, blogging, online training, web apps, niche sites, and affiliate sites. Learn about the pros and cons of each online microbusiness model, along with examples of those that are killing it with that type of business. Grab the professional tips you'll need to succeed. After reading this comprehensive guide, you'll be positioned for action.Read More…
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    You Design, We’ll Code!400 microlancer update
    Envato’s Microlancer has just launched web development services. If you need help to find an HTML/CSS or WordPress developer, our talented service providers are available to work with you.Read More…
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    The Complete Introduction to Online Microbusiness1 start online microbusiness complete
    Let’s start with the dream. Would you like to be the autonomous owner and operator of a small business? A business small enough to require only yourself and maybe a few contractors, but profitable enough to fund your biggest goals and priciest bucket-list items. This Session will show you how. The web has made it possible to found highly profitable businesses with nothing more than some cheap hosting, a website, and a PayPal account. And, of course, a whole lot of hard work.Read More…
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    The Best Place for WordPress Devs to Get Design Work Done400 microlancer update
    Envato (the people behind Wptuts+) have recently launched a new service, currently in beta, called Microlancer. It’s a place where people can sell their creative services, or get creative work done.Read More…
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    The Best Place for Mobile Developers to Get Design Work Done400 microlancer update
    Envato (the people behind Mobiletuts+) have recently launched a new service, currently in beta, called Microlancer. It’s a place where people can sell their design services, or get design work done for a fixed price.Read More…