Simon O'Reilly
Simon O'Reilly is currently a freelance sound engineer with professional experience in audio for post production, music composition and live sound reinforcement. He also produces various styles of electronic music.
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    Synthesising Sci-Fi Vehicle SFX - Enhancing the CharacterPreview
    In the last tutorial on sci-fi vehicle sound design, we programmed the Combinator to control three main elements on both synths: Volume, Filter and LFO. By modulating these parameters over time, we can create realistic sound effects, which stimulate both the perspective of the sound source and the perceived speed of the vehicle. In the next part of this series, I'll be creating an additional modulation effect that will enhance the overall character of the sound.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Synthesising Sci-Fi Vehicle SFX - Sound Modulation ControlPreview
    Continuing on from my last tutorial on creating synthesised tones for sci-fi vehicles with Reason, the following example will demonstrate further sound modulation control using the Combinator. In the previous tutorial, we created the fundamental tone, shape and character of our vehicle sound through sound synthesis, layering and processing. If you have not already read this tutorial, you can find it at the following link: Part 1 - Creating TonesRead More…
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    Synthesising Sci-Fi Vehicle SFX - Creating TonesPreview
    In this tutorial, I will be using the Malstrom synthesiser in Reason to create electronic tones that can be used while designing engine sounds for vehicles in the sci-fi genre of film and other video based media. The Malstrom synth is extremely versatile and its modulators are perfect for creating post production sound effects. The following example will demonstrate the starting point and fundamental structure of sound synthesis for a sci-fi vehicle: the tone, shape and character of the engine sound. [audio:]Read More…
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    How to Create Post Production SFX Using Propellerhead ReasonThumb
    When working in post production for film and television, gaming and other types of media, sound effects are half the picture. There are many sound effect libraries available on the market these days and although the sounds can be of high quality, getting into the routine of dragging and dropping sounds from libraries can take all the creativity out of the production process.Read More…