Shawn DeWolfe
Shawn DeWolfe has loved show and tell since kindergarten and was very excited when he discovered he could use the Internet to share cool stuff and show people what he did. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia on the rainy west coast of Canada. He loves to write, help, cook, sculpt and take photographs. By profession he is a web developer who has shifted from doing web designs for local businesses to building products from his company, Those DeWolfes Creative.
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    Understanding Base-36 MathBase36 math
    What if one number could address every person alive, be shorter than a name and shorter than a social insurance number? You can’t do it with Base-10 numbers, but with Base-36, it’s a breeze. In this article, we're going to take a look at base-36 math, how to understand it, and how it's practically applicable in our day-to-day.Read More…