Shaun Cronin
Shaun Cronin is a freelance web designer from the North East of England. Find me on Twitter, Graphicriver or take a look at my portfolio.
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    Cultivating Trust Through Web DesignPreview 4
    In this article we're going to discuss trust; what it means in terms of UX, potential pitfalls and how we as designers can play an important role in influencing it. You'll want to read this, trust me..Read More…
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    Skeuomorphism in Interface DesignPreview
    That's right, Skeuomorphism. Let's take a look at what this bizarre term means, when you should use it in interface design and what can happen when it goes awry.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Designing a Landing Page Using AIDA PrinciplesWeb design
    In this tutorial we will learn how to design a landing page from scratch, utilizing AIDA marketing principles in the process. Not only will you learn many design techniques within Adobe Photoshop, you will also learn about the theory behind the decisions made – knowledge that can be applied to your very own designs.Read More…
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    Employing AIDA Principles in Web DesignPree
    In this article we'll discuss how we can use design to implement the principles laid out by AIDA (the marketing acronym, not the Italian opera) and help create sales-orientated web pages.Read More…
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    "A Practical Guide to Designing the Invisible" Book ReviewPreview
    When working on a web project, it's all too easy for designers to get caught up with the latest trends, cutting-edge HTML5 or CSS3 techniques, and forget about the why behind the decisions we make. In his book, Robert Mills asks us to consider this very question.Read More…
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    Browser Report: November 2011Preview2
    Browsers are the windows through which the world views our work, so it's wise to pay attention and understand them. Unfortunately, browsers and web technology can change at a rapid pace - this article will bring you up to date and present a snapshot of the browser market as it exists right at this moment.Read More…
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    How Clean is Your Web Design?Preview
    Clean. A term often used to describe a website design, but what does it mean? How do you define it? I’m fairly sure that it doesn’t mean that the whitespace is whiter than white or that all of the dust has been brushed under the footer...Let’s take a closer look.Read More…
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    The Web Designer's Guide to Font Replacement MethodsFont replacement methods pre3
    Fed-up with Arial? Tired of Times New Roman? Font-replacement methods have improved dramatically over the past 2 years, but it can be often hard to sort out the different methods if you're not constantly reading about it. This article will discuss various font replacement techniques that are out there right now.Read More…
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    Dissecting Web Design: The "App" SitePreview appsite
    Web apps, Android apps, iPhone and iPad apps and now, with the release of Mac apps, the world appears to be going app crazy! It seems that there is an app to cater for almost every situation... but in a digital marketplace, how do these apps promote themselves? With web design of course! Read More…
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    Designing for the New Fold: Web Design Post MonitorismFold 1
    Designing for the 'fold' has long been a priority for many Web Designers, but with so many devices capable of displaying your website, how on earth do you know where it is? Should we be worried? This article asks how important the 'fold' actually is, the variables at play, changing browsing habits and what you can do about it. The Death of the Fold is upon us, at last!Read More…
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    6 Tips for Improving Website AccessibilityAccessibility preview
    Ideally, accessibility should be considered as part of every web project in order to increase availability to the widest possible audience. In the real world however, it can be easily overlooked. In this article we will look at easy ways that you can improve the accessibility of your site without having to make drastic or time consuming changes. Read More…