Shane Pearlman
My business partners and I run Shane & Peter Inc., an agency that coordinates 25-40+ distributed independent contractors on projects for some of the world largest brands. I lead teams in UX, UI, Web + Mobile Design I am an active freelance evangelist and the founder of FreelanceCamp, which has now run over 17 events worldwide with more to come. Read more at Follow Shane on Twitter @justlikeair
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    So, You're Going To Make Money as a Web DesignerBusiness of web design
    Lots of people out there fancy themselves as "web designers"... but the difference between the guy who knows how to roughly format a table in HTML and a professional web designer that makes a living creating websites is tremendous. There are a few key things that you have to keep in mind if you want to truly call yourself a Professional Web Designer, and Shane Pearlman of Shane & Peter Inc. is going to show us the ropes today...Read More…