Shane Parker
Shane Parker works within the trifecta of the creative industry. Shane is a commercial and event photographer, graphic designer and web developer in the Pacific Northwest. He picked up his first camera in middle school almost 20 years ago and photography remains his primary focus and passion. You can see some of his work at:
  • Photo & Video
    Product Review: Modahaus Table Top StudiosPreview
    As a product photographer, I have tried just about every kind of backdrop/table-top/tent system available. Today, I'll be focusing (no pun intended) on the Desktop Studio 216 and Studio Pro 600 table top systems by the fine folks at Modahaus. Although this is a product review, you should be able to gleam a few tips & tricks to help with your own product photography.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Step-by-Step: Producing a Magazine-Quality Photo of WatchesPreview
    When it comes to product photography, there are more tips and tricks than one person could ever learn in their entire career. In this tutorial, I will show you a few of the ones I have learned along the way, using a minimal amount of gear and materials.Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Film Is Alive and Well: Tips, Cameras, and Beginners AdvicePreview
    When I first got into photography almost 20 years ago, film was the de facto standard and, obviously, the only standard. For over a hundred years film was the only option. The greatest names in photography all shot film; I'm sure you've heard of Ansel Adams. Some of the most inspiring, well-known photographs ever produced were shot by famous photographers—so why do all the modern-day pros shoot digital if all the greats shot film? The answer is quite simple: convenience and cost.Read More…