Sergey Shtyrlov
For the present I'm the fourth-year student of the faculty of the foreign languages. Have much interest in Flash, Web Design. Looking forward to work as Flash-animator and Web Designer, learn many things in these spheres and teach people.
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    Create an Interactive Galaxy with Flash Catalyst: Animation, Video & SoundPreview
    During this Basix tutorial we'll learn how to add the final features to our existing Flash Catalyst project. We'll look at smooth interaction between pages, additional hover actions, sounds and video. As with the previous tutorial no code is required!Read More…
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    Create an Interactive Galaxy with Flash Catalyst: Starting OutPreview
    This is a Basix tutorial during which we will build our first project in Flash Catalyst from a pre-made PSD file. We will cover Catalyst basics: converting art to components, creating some effects and making these components alive - no code required!Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Exploring the Flash CS5 Code Snippets PanelPreview
    In this Quick Tip I'll show you how to use the brand new Flash CS5 Code Snippets Panel to easily add keyboard and mouse interaction to your projects, without necessarily needing to learn AS3. Let's take a look!Read More…