Sebastien Portebois
Hello, my name is Sébastien Portebois and I am a French multimedia Developer. 10 years ago I started to create multimedia applications with Macromedia Director. Then Flash, and later Flex, took a constantly growing part of my time to have fun (and sometimes headache) to find solutions to meet our clients expectations.
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    Go Round the Bend With Text on a Path in Flash200
    Flash's text formatting capabilities are really great, but the only transformations we can perform are the usual MovieClip examples. If your designer asks you to place well-formatted text on a circular path, there's no built-in transformation tool to get the job done…Read More…
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    Building a P2P Network Vote System Using RTMFPPreview
    Flash Player 10 brought us the RTMFP protocol, then the 10.1 update added the granularity. What does this mean for us? Short answer: easy peer to peer communications. Not so short answer: Zero-configuration networking to exchange message between several Flash Player clients..Read More…