Sebastian Kim
Hello, my name is Sebastian and I make tutorials. You watch me make you learn. Hopefully.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Modeling a Luger P08 using Subdivision Surfaces in Maya: Part 2Preview
    In the second part of this 2-day, narrated timelapse tutorial, Sebastian Kim adds the final touches to the Luger P08 model. Created using Maya's basic polygonal toolset, this model allows us to take a look at different hard surface subdivision modeling techniques - all of which play a huge part in today's production environment.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Modelling a Luger P08 using Subdivision Surfaces in Maya: Part 1Preview
    Hard surface subdivision modeling can be a difficult concept to understand, however as it has become such a big part of today's production environment, learning it has become much more of a necessity. Using the basic polygonal toolset, this 2-day, narrated timelapse tutorial covers the process of modeling a Luger P08, and is a great introduction to a standard SDS workflow in Maya.Read More…