Sebastian Bratu
Sebastian Bratu is a PHP, jQuery, Flash, and AS3 developer, and he loses 80% of his nights working with them. This year he plans to launch, among his personal blog, focusing on his Envato Marketplace items and complete solution tutorials. When he has the time, he writes on Activetuts, Mobiletuts, and Audiotuts.
  • Code
    Creating a Bandwidth Tester for Loading Video in Flash With AS3Preview
    In web development and media content serving you often need a way to make sure the user has a smooth viewing experience. For users with little bandwidth and slow internet connections you need to serve a smaller video than for somebody on a T1 connection. This tutorial will teach you how to detect a user's bandwidth and serve him the appropriate Flash video. We'll be building an interface similar to the YouTube quality selector, while learning a bit about using custom events and reusable classes.Read More…
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    Create an SMS Signup Form: Part 2Sms programming preview
    Welcome to part two of this tutorial on using SMS technology to create a signup form. Previous, in part one of this series, we used HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP to create a signup form. In this tutorial we will cover integration with an SMS gateway and the code necessary to finish processing the signup form. Read More…
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    Create an SMS Signup Form: Part 1Sms php preview
    SMS is a worldwide technology used by almost everyone with a cell phone. Despite having a much greater reach than the smartphone market, SMS programming receives far less covereage and often remains uncapitalized. In this multipart tutorial, I will show you how to create a web site signup form that allows users to enter a mobile number. I will then show you how to use PHP for server-side phone number verification to check that the mobile number the user has entered is actually his mobile phone. Along the way, we will use jQuery to perform client-side validation and CodeIgniter as our development framework.Read More…
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    How to Create a Flash Menu in 20 MinutesPreview
    Imagine you've promised your client he will have that menu idea you told him about later on today, when you meet. You open up Flash and begin a rough but great example, which you can code or extend later. During this tut we'll focus on making just such a menu; as customizable as possible, without using any classes, just component parameters.Read More…
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    Create a Super Modern Elastic Menu in AS3Preview
    Sometimes you just want to be very modern about your website. And how better to show people how cool you are as a flash programmer than to make them experience it themselves? In this tutorial I will show you how to create a modern menu with spring-like buttons. We'll even make it customizable from xml!Read More…
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    Creating a Reusable Flash Uploader with ActionScript 3.0 and PHPPreview
    In this tutorial I'll show you how to build a Flash uploader for uploading files from the user's computer. The result will be ideal for large file sizes as it will display a progress bar and the percentage left to upload. We'll even show the user the number of bytes uploaded per second.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Synthesizing Beats from Scratch in Propellerhead ReasonThumb
    In this tutorial we cover how to create synthetic drums perfect for a house/trance track. We're going to create a drum loop with only the synths and effects included in Reason. No drums from the Reason Soundbank will be used: we will be creating these drums from scratch in Reason's Subtractor. A couple of known artists use this technique, as you can create your own sound and reuse your signature kit in future tracks.Read More…