Sean Powell
I run a web development and production shop in Columbia, MD that specializes in helping non profits fundraise online. When I am not working to help our clients do some good, I am busy working on the HTML Email Boilerplate and sharpening my skills with the help of Envato. You can find me on twitter, @seanpowell.
  • Web Design
    Say Hello to the HTML Email BoilerplateBoilerplate thumb
    Figuring out html email will test the patience of any human being. A seemingly small formatting issue will inevitably arise and you think to yourself, "self, I'm a world class web developer type person schooled in the latest and greatest html5/css3/whatever, I can tackle this with plenty o' keystrokes to spare." Several hours/cups of coffee/googling later, you are ready to pull your hair out and begin to contemplate what you would do to the person/persons who created {fill in the blank email client here}. That's pretty much why the HTML Email Boilerplate is around.Read More…