Sean Hodge
Tuts+ Business Editor (Orlando, FL)
Sean is the Business Editor at Tuts+. You can visit his site Creatro or follow him on Twitter @seanHodge where he chats about the business of creativity.
  • Code
    Tuts+ Is Hiring Course Instructors for New Web TechnologiesWriteforus
    Are you excited about the React or Polymer frameworks? Do you use the Go language or DevOps tools? What about sharing your knowledge through teaching online video courses? This is a unique opportunity to become part of the core Tuts+ instructor team. We want you to share your passion for building the web with our students! Read More…
  • Web Design
    Tuts+ is Hiring Visual Design Course InstructorsWriteforus
    Are you a skilled visual designer? Have you considered sharing your knowledge through teaching online video courses? We're growing our visual design course topics here at Tuts+, expanding deeper into teaching graphic, web, mobile, and interface design. This is a unique opportunity to become part of the core Tuts+ instructor team. We want you to teach your digital design techniques to our students—helping to grow their visual design skills.Read More…
  • Business
    Tuts+ Is Hiring Business Writers (Topics Needed: Freelance and Careers)Writeforus
    We’re hiring writers to join our Tuts+ Business instructor team. Here’s the challenge; we want you to teach our students business strategy—helping them achieve their freelancing and career goals. Read More…
  • Business
    We’re Looking for Business Writers at Tuts+Writeforus
    Tuts+ is hiring business writers to join our Business instructor team. Here’s the challenge; we want you to teach our students business strategy—helping them achieve their career and entrepreneurial goals.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    55 Time-Saving, Productive Workflow Tips for DesignersTime saving tips
    Want to save time on your design work? Yes! Great, then let's dig in. This article is overflowing with time-saving tips that will not only have you working more proficiently, but get you punching above your weight. Learn how to crank up your output, while avoiding burnout and income plateaus, all by working just a little bit smarter as a designer.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Tuts+ is Hiring Graphic Design Course InstructorsWriteforus
    We’re looking for graphic designers to teach video-based courses at Tuts+. Get paid a competitive rate to share your knowledge and experience with Tuts+ students. If you’re a logo designer, and have a compelling workflow to teach, then reach out to us. We’re also looking for graphic design professionals and illustration topic experts.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    We're Hiring Design & Illustration Course Instructors for Tuts+Writeforus
    If you have an overflowing design or illustration portfolio, and a craving to share your knowledge, then we have an opportunity for you. How would you like to work with a dynamic team of instructors, whose mission is to educate a large, creative audience? Learn how to become a Tuts+ Design & Illustration instructor—and get your application in today!Read More…
  • Business
    How to Rebrand a Startup: An Interview with Layla FoordPreview rebrand layla ford envato studio interview
    Today we sit down with Layla Foord, the General Manager of Envato Studio, which is a project formerly known as Microlancer. They recently did a major brand overhaul and changed course shortly after crossing their first million in sales milestone for this project. There are interesting lessons here on being agile, discovering where your customer value lies, shifting directions as needed in your startup, and planning your company's path forward. Read More…
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    We’re Looking for Business Instructors for Tuts+Writeforus 400%c3%97277
    Would you like to help creatives and tech-savvy entrepreneurs advance their business knowledge? Tuts+ is looking to build our business instructor team. Find out how you can apply.Read More…
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    Social Promotions That Impress Clients and Keep Them Coming BackPreview social promotions impress clients
    All too often, clients are dead set on a particular design or promotion, but as an agency you hold tremendous sway in your clients’ marketing efforts. Use that to your advantage and give your clients what they want: social promotions that generate results including likes, email addresses, and general awareness.Read More…
  • Business
    Session: Twitter for FreelancersSession twitter for freelancers
    If you're not on Twitter right now promoting your freelance business, then you may be a bit skeptical about the benefits of social media marketing. Is it really worth all the time you can sink into it? It can be, especially if you approach it with a strategic mindset. This Session, written by David Masters, highlights the strengths of Twitter and shows you how to get set up, grow your following, promote your freelance business, analyze your metrics, and more. You can use Twitter for research as well, it's a great place to network, meet new clients, pose questions, get answers, and pull the information you need.Read More…
  • Business
    Session: Build a Profitable Authority BlogSession build authority blog
    In this comprehensive ten part series, professional blogger Tom Ewer, shows us how to launch a blog with impact, staying power, and authority. This ten-part Session is comprehensive. Start at the beginning if you're just now looking to build a successful and profitable blog. Work through individual parts at your own pace. You'll learn each major component needed to launch your authority blog: discover the best tools, create epic content, pull-in an engaged audience, and earn a respectable income.Read More…