Sean Duncan
Sean Duncan is an aspiring Drum N Bass/Breaks emcee from Seattle, Washington. He also produces Hip Hop, sound design, and audio tutorials.
  • Music & Audio
    A Guide to Ghost Snares in MIDIThumb
    Ghosted Snares are quite common in drumming, and although you can't quite hear them clearly in a complete mix, they add a lot to the feel of the song. Whether you're looking to add something extra to an already funky groove, or if you're building a pattern from scratch, this tutorial's got you covered.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Action Sequence HatsHatsthumbnail
    Get your hats sounding like a “ticka ticka” action sequence. We’ll do this by varying the volume of hits. This is particularly useful for Drum N Bass and Hip Hop. I’ll be using the default drum sounds from FL Studio, but this is transferable to any DAW. [audio:]Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Break into the Factory Preset Industry: Interview with Bryan “Xenos” LeeXenosbryanleethumbnail
    If you use synth plugins, you’ve heard Bryan “Xenos” Lee’s patches. His long list of clients includes Cakewalk, Rob Papen, Image-Line, FXpansion, and Camel Audio. In this interview he explains how he got started in sound design and gives some tips for breaking into the factory preset industry.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Interview with Zenhiser: Sample Pack Industry and CraftZenlogothumb
    Have you ever wondered what goes on in the sample pack industry? Tony Rapacioli is the owner of a sample pack company and a prolific sound designer. In this interview, he shares insights on designing kick drums, the sound design industry, and how you can make sounds for Zenhiser.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: How to Enable the Mod Wheel in FL StudioMidicontrollerthumb
    This tutorial will tackle one of the most frequently asked questions about FL Studio and show you how to enable the Mod Wheel for all virtual instruments, once and for all.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: Custom MIDI Velocity Response in FL StudioPreviewthumbvelocity
    Do you feel like you are required to hit your MIDI controller too hard to get loud notes? Or maybe you have a different situation. In this Quick Tip, I'll show you how to customize how FL Studio handles velocity.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: Creative Volume Automation of Pads200preview
    In the first example, we'll use volume automation to make a flexible sidechain effect, and in the second example, I'll show you how to use creative volume automation to give a track room to breathe. I'm using FL Studio, and these tips are useful for all DAWs.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: Velocity Quantization Groove Templates in FL StudioPreviewthumbvq
    Quantizing is often used to adjust the timing of notes in a MIDI performance, but in this tutorial we'll be looking at how to use quantizing to adjust the velocity of notes. This will be useful because it will allow us to easily apply velocity zig-zags to shuffles and drum rolls, while retaining the velocity changes that are already there.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: 6 Workflow and Organization Tips for All DAW UsersPreviewimage
    If you're looking for some tips on ways to speed up your music production, this article covers six effective techniques that will make finding sounds, projects, and samples the easiest and quickest step of your workflow. Although it's not the most musical part of production, it is one of the most rewarding parts because it allows your creativity to flow freely. Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Quick Tip: Starting a Song by Beatboxing or Singing an IdeaPreview
    This article is about a quick and effective technique for capturing inspiration in a practical way that quickly translates into an actual song. This is one way to start a track with a vision you will want to finish.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Inspiration: Starting Tracks with a Vision You Will Want to FinishPreview
    While it is possible to get a great track just by starting and seeing what happens, it can also be helpful to begin with an idea. With a goal in mind, it's easier to create a cohesive track where the pieces of the puzzle come together to make a unified image. An idea, even if completely abandoned later on or altered beyond recognition, can serve as a great starting point and as a simple sketch to refer to when the painting gets complicated. This article is about coming up with ideas that start tracks, some places to find ideas, and how to be prepared for it when inspiration strikes.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Realistic Solo Orchestra Instruments with Keyswitch ArticulationsKapreview200
    Performers who play orchestral instruments often use multiple playing styles throughout a piece of music. Therefore, knowing when to switch articulations is important for computer composers who want to achieve a realistic sound. Fortunately, many orchestral VSTi have a feature that helps us do this, called keyswitching. [audio:]Read More…