Scott Wills
Scott is the site manager and a freelance Web and Interactive Media Designer. Scott used to use Flickr religiously until Yahoo took over and ruined it. He currently takes far too many photographs of his daughter and has the monthly JungleDisk storage bills to prove it. Follow him on Twitter @scottwills
  • Photo & Video
    Winners Announced: 50 PhotoDune Beta Invites: Our New Microstock Photo Marketplace!Photography
    There's nothing better than starting a brand new year than with a brand new Envato marketplace. And this is particularly relevant and exciting for the Phototuts+ readers and community as our next marketplace is a microstock photography marketplace! Yes, it's the marketplace everyone has been waiting for and it will finally be arriving in 2011!Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Inspiration on the iPad: The Guardian EyewitnessPreview
    Today we'll be taking a look at how devices like the iPad can offer motivation and inspiration to photographers, taking time to investigate a particularly relevant application - The Guardian Eyewitness. Whether or not you're an iPad owner, you'll be able to enjoy this stunning series of photography from The Guardian.Read More…
  • Business
    The Price Is RightDeal
    Price your services too high, and you lose the gig. Price yourself too low, and you wind up feeling resentful about the project, which in turn may ultimately culminate in an inferior result. So what then is the best way to price a freelance project, win the contract, and make both you and your client happy?Read More…