Sayanee Basu
I'm an independent developer from Singapore working mostly with startups on product development. Dabbling with web technologies such as Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 is part of my daily work. I share my learnings through screencasts called Build Podcast. I'm a voracious reader and love to backpack to far away countries meeting interesting locals. Connect with me at @sayanee_.
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    Tools of the Modern Web Developer

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    More Tools of the Modern Web Developer

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    Travis-CI: What, Why, HowTravis retina logo
    Travis CI makes working in a team for a software project easier with automated builds. These builds are triggered automatically when each developer checks in their code to the repository. In this article, we will go through how we can integrate Travis CI easily with our project, which is hosted on Github. With automation, notification and testing in place, we can focus on our coding and creating, while Travis CI does the hard work of continuous integration!Read More…
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    Use ECMAScript 6 TodayEs6
    Today, ECMAScript 6 is in the process of being finalized. ECMAScript is the foundation of JavaScript and, hence, exploring the proposed features today also means that we get a sneak peak at how we will be writing JavaScript in the near future! In this article, we'll explore ten new features, with a significant focus on tools, browsers and transpilers.Read More…
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    Team Collaboration With GitHubGithub team preview
    GitHub has become the corner stone for all things open source software. Developers love it, collaborate on it and are constantly building awesome projects through it. Apart from hosting our code, GitHub's main attraction is using it as a collaborative tool. In this tutorial, let's explore some of the most useful GitHub features, especially for working in teams, making it all the more efficient, productive and, most importantly, fun!Read More…
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    Ruby on Rails Study Guide: The History of RailsRails history preview image
    Ruby on Rails - or simply, Rails - is an open source, rapid web development framework, with a continuous goal of maximizing developer happiness and productivity. Created nearly a decade ago, Rails today forms the backbone of many of the most popular applications on the web, and has an incredibly vibrant and passionate community. In this study quide segment, we'll review the history of Ruby of Rails.Read More…
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    Source Maps 101Source maps
    In today's modern workflow, the code that we author in our development environments is considerably different from the production code, after running it through compilation, minification, concatenation, or various other optimization processes. This is where source maps come into play, by pointing out the exact mapping in our production code to the original authored code. In this introductory tutorial, we'll take a simple project, and run it through various JavaScript compilers for the purposes of playing with source maps in the browser.Read More…
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    Getting Started with TypeScriptGetting started with typescript
    In late 2012, Microsoft introduced TypeScript, a typed superset for JavaScript that compiles into plain JavaScript. TypeScript focuses on providing useful tools for large scale applications by implementing features, such as classes, type annotations, inheritance, modules and much more! In this tutorial, we will get started with TypeScript, using simple bite-sized code examples, compiling them into JavaScript, and viewing the instant results in a browser.Read More…