Sara Gray
Sara Gray is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Oregon, photographing weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Starting out as a newspaper journalist, she was handed a camera the first day on the job at a small newspaper and began a love affair with capturing beautiful imagery made from moments and interactions. You can see her work at
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    Using Your Camera's Histogram to Take Better Digital PhotographsPreview
    The histogram is one of the best ways to check for accurate exposure in the camera, and yet it's underused by many photographers. Use this tutorial to learn to use histograms in-camera and as part of further Photoshop processing. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Use Depth of Field to Create Portraits with Blown-Out BackgroundsPreview
    Photographers can benefit by learning some camera and shooting principles that will improve their results. A strong photograph has a clear subject, and using depth of field to create a blurred background is one of the classic ways to isolate and play up the subject. An understanding of this will also allow you to adjust your photos to create natural looking depth of field effects in Photoshop when needed. Let's look at seven such principles and techniques that will help you with adjusting depth of field to focus the subject in your photos.Read More…