Samuel James Scott
Samuel has a keen interest in technology and photography. You'll often find him writing across the Envato family.
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    Beyond Terminal: 4 OS X Terminal AlternativesCathode1
    Terminal is an invaluable tool that every Mac user should explore. In the past published a number of OS X Terminal tutorials to help improve your workflows and general productivity. Though for some Mac users Terminal isn't equipped enough for their needs and these people often seek other solutions which can achieve a similar result. In this tutorial I'll cover some of the best Terminal replacements available and show how they can benefit you.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    40 More Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Improve Your WorkflowShortcuts retina
    Keyboard shortcuts are essential for any Mac user looking to quicken the speed of their workflow. By giving you quicker navigation they make the whole process of using a Mac far easier. Recently, on Tuts+ Computer Skills we covered 40 Nifty Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier, a tutorial which explained everyday OS X keyboard shortcuts. This tutorial covers some more advanced shortcuts which you can incorporate into your workflows.Read More…
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    7 Tools You Should Be Using With the New iMovie Update Retina new imovie logo
    Recently, I covered some iMovie workflows and techniques. At Apple's recent keynote event, the software received a massive transformation. In this tutorial I will show you how to use the new iMovie workspace then examine some of the added abilities which can help you to improve your projects. With new ways to create, edit and finalise your movies this tutorial aims to stop the confusion next time you begin to create.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Piers Ridyard on the Development and Success of the Nifty MiniDrivePiers400
    In the summer of 2012 a Kickstarter project, the Nifty MiniDrive, was launched that sought to expand the storage on portable Mac computers. This is something that is normally difficult to do without voiding your Mac's warranty. The team intially aimed at raising $11,000 but they exceeded this goal by a huge margin. One year on I caught up with the, CEO Piers Ridyard, to ask about how he dealt with the intial success and how his team was able to cope with the development phase and to find out how this particular Kickstarter project became one of the most talked about third-party Apple accessories!Read More…
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    How to Sort Your Images by Location in iPhotoIphoto retina 400
    Geotagging is a great way to organise your snaps, and in iPhoto this is a simple thing to do. Geotagging benefits photographers by allowing them to find images quickly by location instead of date -- something which you are prone to forget. In this tutorial I will show you how to add the location to images and then find them quickly using the built in map on iPhoto. Discover how easy this task is!Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Creating a Slideshow With iMovie and Burning It to a DVDRetina logo slideshow tutorial
    A picture is worth a thousand words and, by that token, a slideshow of pictures must be worth thousands more. Picking the right tool for creating a slideshow, however, can be a tough task. Most of the free pieces of software are under equipped and often confusing. In comparison, the more expensive software is normally seen as an unnecessary purchase. Although, with iMovie, the application Mac users receive free, you can make custom movies you'd be proud of. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a custom slideshow in iMovie, how to add music and transitions, and then finish with the exportation to DVD of your final product. Read on to find out how to showcase your photos properly!Read More…
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    iMovie: Basic EditingImovie logo 400px
    If you're looking to be more creative with video, on your Mac, then you need to be using iMovie. Included as part of the iLife suite of software, iMovie is capable of producing great movies. In my first tutorial I covered some of the basics of importing clips into your library and in this tutorial I will delve much deeper into editing them. I will cover the standard requirements for making a quality product. This includes adding audio and adding transitions. Read on to learn more about iMovie.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    iMovie: An IntroductionImovie logo 400px
    iMovie is part of the iLife package which comes with every Mac, if understood correctly you can use iMovie to create quality projects worth showing off. Apple have always aimed to innovate ways of making workflows simpler for their users, however, iMovie may still seem hard to understand at the start. In this tutorial I will show you around the iMovie layout, then continue on to the different ways you can import clips -- whether it be from a SD card or mini DV tape. I will then finish with a guide on how to record a voiceover.Read More…
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    My Mac's Screen Is Broken, Now What?Applecare400px
    When we first purchase our Mac's they are the most exciting gadget in the world. Their technology amazes us and they improve our workflows. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and parts of your Mac can be broken in the process. Many of these accidents are relatively cheap and easy to fix, but what do you do when your screen is broken? In this tutorial, I'll examine what you can do if your Mac's screen is broken.Read More…
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    How to Keep Your Mac Safe From MalwareGatekeeper400
    Malicious Software, or malware for short is something many Mac users don't experience on a regular basis. Apple has always sought to advertise Macs as machines which are extremely hard to penetrate. While it is true that Apple computers are preloaded with many different forms of protection, they are still far from invincible. Let's take a look at how Macs deal with threats as well as ways you can get rid of malware before serious damage occurs.Read More…