Ryan Olson
Hey I'm Ryan! Web development is fun, so I keep doing it. Most of my days end at 4am after thinking, 'just one more adjustment...' I am having fun and enjoying life.
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    Quick Tip: Use TextMate Bundles to Increase your ProductivityPostimg
    TextMate is one of the most versatile tools any web developer can wield. This video aims to show you one of the easiest ways to increase your productivity and workflow while having fun doing it!Read More…
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    How to Build a Joomla Template: Start to FinishJoomla
    To begin, I am not even going to touch the inevitable flame war here. Joomla vs WordPress vs... who cares? And frankly, neither should you. You wouldn't hammer a nail with a saw, would you? So let's bear in mind that every job requires the correct tool. That being said, this tutorial will demonstrate how to proceed from design to deployment of a complete Joomla template theme, including core override and template option parameters that you can use and abuse to your hearts content.Read More…