Ryan DeBeasi
Ryan DeBeasi is a front-end developer at 352 Media Group. He loves concise language, elegant design, strong coffee, and jazz. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, cooking, and going on walks with his wife and their greyhound. You can follow him at @RyanDeBeasi, and his portfolio is available at ryandebeasi.com.
  • Web Design
    A Flexible Approach to Responsive NavigationPreview
    Many responsive websites provide a horizontal navigation bar on large screens and drop-down navigation for smaller viewports. It's a perfectly decent approach, but it's not without its issues. Firstly, devices don't just come in large and small; they come in every size imaginable. Secondly, the navigation might well change over time. Thirdly, the layout or font size might vary across screen sizes. We're going to do things differently…Read More…