Ryan Chang
Ryan blogs at Nukeblogger, and he's also interested in App Development, Game Development, and Web Development. Contact him by email here.
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    10 Alternative Android App StoresPreview image@2x
    You've just written a great Android app and you're ready to make some money from it. The most common route is probably to pay $25 to get it listed on Google Play. However, there are many alternatives to Google Play, each with their own audience that can drive more downloads. Some of these app stores are catered to a smaller audience while others are more localized. Most of them don't charge you for listing your app on their store. It can therefore pay off to publish your app in several app stores.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Beginner’s Guide to Disposable Email AddressesPrivate email
    Need to fill in an email address but don't want to give out your real email? Use a disposable email address to solve the problem!Read More…
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    An Introduction to StencylImage preview @2x
    Create games and applications without code. It is possible with Stencyl, a 2D game engine that allows anyone to create games with ease. In this tutorial, I will introduce you to Stencyl by building a simple game.Read More…
  • Web Design
    How to Get Dropplets CMS Up and RunningDropplets thumb
    Today we're going to take a look at Dropplets, a flat file CMS, built on PHP and made specifically for blogging. Weighing in at less than 1Mb it's very lightweight, but does it live up to its promises? Let's see.Read More…
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    Mobile Operating Systems in 2014Dj45i preview image@2x
    As a mobile developer, it's good to be familiar with the most important platforms in the mobile space. In this article, we'll take a look at the most important mobile operating systems, their current state, and how they're performing in the current mobile landscape.Read More…
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    The Beginner's Guide to Setting Static Front Pages in WordPressStaticfrontpage
    Typically, in a WordPress website, the home page shows the blogger's latest posts, but what if you wanted the homepage of your website to display the same page every time? For those of you who are just getting started with WordPress, then it's worth noting this is not only possible, but it's really easy.In this article, we'll talk about how to implement a static front page in WordPress as well as where it would and wouldn't be appropriate.Read More…
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    How to Price Your App: Free or PaidDi7fc preview image@2x
    In this article, I'll talk about the different business models of mobile applications and which one is the right choice for you.Read More…
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    Getting Started with Lua and the Corona SDK35613 preview image@2x1
    In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of the Lua programming language and I will help you getting started with writing applications for iOS and Android. Excited? Let's dive right in.Read More…