Ruben Gamez
Ruben is the founder of Bidsketch, which helps freelancers get more clients with their proposals.
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    How to Qualify Your Business Leads Like a Top AgencyHow to qualify your business leads like top agency
    Have you ever said yes to a referral without qualifying the lead? I did that many years ago, and what should have been a 2-3 week project dragged on for 6 stressful months. I didn't know then that I could turn down any client, even a referral. If I had qualified the lead, I would have known it was the client’s first time doing any sort of web project. He didn’t know that once code is written, it’s harder to change. He wasn’t responsive, which slowed progress to a crawl. He also didn’t understand the agreed-upon benchmarks, so he didn’t want to pay. Eventually he did pay, and I remember thinking I was so glad to be done with him. Except that I wasn’t done. When we began his project, I explained that he needed to find someone to host his site, but he didn’t do it. So I did it for him, volunteering extra time to make sure he was taken care of. This one lead resulted in six months of headaches, unpaid hours outside of the project scope, and, of course, zero referrals. So what did I do wrong?Read More…