Ross Elliot
Ross Elliot is a computer tutor and freelance developer specializing in PHP, WordPress and Codeigniter. You can reach him here.
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    WordPress Pagination: A PrimerPreview
    In this article/tutorial we'll look at the basics of WordPress pagination, the default pagination setup and how it can be enhanced.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Add Extra Contact Methods to User ProfilesPreview
    If you Google "add extra fields to WordPress user profile" you'll find all sorts of involved coding examples for adding extra inputs to the user profile page so you can capture additional user information. But if all you want to do is expand the default contact methods section then there's a much simpler way to go.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: How to Implement Multiple Pages for your Wordpress Posts and PagesPreview
    There's nothing worse than scrolling through a long post or page when it's obvious that it should have been broken into a series of more easily-digested chunks. It's very easy to accomplish in WordPress and more people should do it. Here's how you can.Read More…
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    7 Simple Rules: WordPress Plugin Development Best PracticesPreview
    We've been talking a lot about "Best Practices" here on Wptuts lately. Today, we'll cover some important best practices for creating a WordPress plugin. From security tips to namespacing tricks, follow these rules and you'll do no wrong. Whether you're a budding new plugin developer or a time-tested veteran, these simple rules and suggestions will make you a better developer (and the community will thank you for it!) Read More…
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    How to Generate Website Screenshots For Your WordPress SitePreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn an open secret: how to generate screenshots of websites to use in your WordPress posts using a service provided by We'll even turn this into an easy-to-use shortcode to display the screenshots... let's get started!Read More…
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    Allow Users To Submit Images To Your WordPress SitePreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a plugin that allows users to submit images and upload them to the WordPress media library. You'll also learn how to correctly delete images from the WordPress media library as well as do some basic validation on uploaded images.Read More…
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    Quick Tip! 9 Handy WordPress Code Snippets (That You Really Should Know!)Preview
    Here are some short but handy code snippets that may make your life as a WordPress developer a little easier. We'll cover a little bit of everything, from how to automatically delete posts, how to quickly dish out a post thumbnail, to how to redirect users once they've logged in. Open up your text-replacement program and get ready to add a few new shortcuts!Read More…
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    Allow Users To Submit To Your WordPress Site: A Quotes PluginPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a plugin that allows users to submit form data. You'll also learn about security by using nonces.Read More…
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    Create A Google Static Maps PluginPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a plugin that uses Google's Static Maps API to display a map. We'll also look at the differences between enclosed and non-enclosed shortcodes.Read More…
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    Create A Weather Conditions Plugin Using Yahoo And SimpleXMLPreview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a simple plugin that uses PHP's built-in SimpleXML library to access the Yahoo! Weather Service. The current weather conditions will be displayed with either a shortcode or template tag.Read More…