Ros Hodgekiss
Ros works at Campaign Monitor, the purveyors of truly awesome email marketing software for designers and their clients. With a background in direct marketing and email design, she spends her days assisting customers with their own campaigns, listening to the Campaign Monitor community and having a lot of empathy for folks who have just stumbled into this whole email thing. Find her on the Campaign Monitor blog, or on Twitter.
  • Web Design
    Working Harmoniously With Your Team on Web (and Email) ProjectsPeople on team thumb
    Here's a look at seven steps, from kickoff to testing and handover, that our team worked through to create the Canvas templates at Campaign Monitor.Read More…
  • Code
    The State of CSS3 in Email Templates200x200
    On the heels of some of our recent findings regarding the state of CSS in email, I reckoned it was high time to shake things up a bit. So here goes - CSS3 in email lives. Ok, so I'm sorry if I made you drop your toast, there. I know you're thinking, "But... It's still largely experimental... In the browser, to boot!" Yes, CSS3 support is even more fickle amongst a swag of email clients that can't even get CSS2 right. But that doesn't mean that it's too soon to touch any of it. In this article, I'll go through two properties you can use in your email templates, alongside some practical examples. So, brush off your toast and let's get down to business.Read More…