Roland Hartmann
I am a motion designer, camera operator and editor based in Vienna, Austria. While studying media and communication science at the University of Vienna, I started filming and editing as a side job and turned professional after finishing my studies. Over time motion design and special effects became my special field. My favorite tools are Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema4D.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Design the Build Up of a High Tech 3D Car - Part 2High tech 3d car build up thumbnail
    In this last part we'll create a 3D particle based build up animation using Tracode Form. You will learn how to import several parts of the car as *.obj elements into Trapcode Form to create a build up animation of the basic car structure using quick maps. By precomposing and masking all the different layers of the animation we'll learn how to generate the final end result.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Design the Build Up of a High Tech 3D Car - Part 1High tech 3d car build up thumbnail1
    We will prepare the 3D model within Cinema4D so it's ready to export for Element 3D and Trapcode Form 2.0. We will simplify and improve the structure of the model by connecting separated parts together and set up a certain amount of materials, which will be used to style the car within Element 3D later on. We will export several car parts as Wavefront OBJ elements to use it within Trapcode Form later on. Next we'll show how to stylize the car model within Element 3D by creating, customizing and applying different materials.Read More…