Roland Dan
Photography went from being a nice hobby, to get in my everyday life, and I really enjoy it. There's nothing like taking a photo and feel what you saw in the reality by watching it.
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    How to Build Your Own Digital SLR Video Dolly for Under $20Preview
    With video capability in Digital SLRs becoming ever-more pervasive, there's an increasing demand for accessories and gadgets to help produce fantastic video footage with your camera. A "dolly" is a gadget designed to make smooth camera movements in video. The common way to use it is raising it on a track, creating tracking shots on the horizontal axis. Today we're going to walk through the process of creating your own Digital SLR dolly, to add a fantastic element to your video footage!Read More…
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    DIY: How To Make a Professional Softbox for Under $20Preview
    Nowadays a softbox needn't be all that expensive - you can get nice results for $100 or even less. But what if there's a way of making it much cheaper, with the same results? That's what we'll be explaining in this DIY tutorial; how to make a softbox with professional results for less than $20.Read More…