Robert DellaFave
I'm an aspiring independent game developer, logic nerd and game aficionado. When I'm not writing about, developing or playing games, I can usually be found sleeping. Currently, I act as the Game Designer and Project Manager of Divergent Games. Our team has released five small to mid-sized games for various platforms, and are presently working on a crowdsourced RPG entitled Hiro Fodder: A Blue Hope. For more about the game, please visit its Facebook page, or follow him @DivergentGames on Twitter.
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    Balancing Turn-Based RPGs: The Big PictureBalancing turn based rpgs game design 400px
    You don't need to look further than a game like World of Warcraft to see that even the most experienced developers have trouble maintaining class equilibrium. In this article, which is the first of a three-part series, we take a look at balance from the perspective of a team creating a simple RPG, emphasizing throughout that a solid game design will make balancing your game significantly easier later on.Read More…
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    An Indie Game Developer’s Marketing Checklist (Including Portable Formats)Marketing your indie game   checklist hires
    There's no worse feeling than creating a game you're proud of, only to watch it drift off into obscurity. Unfortunately, it's no longer enough to only create great content. In order to differentiate yourself from the masses, you must concoct a structured, coordinated marketing plan. No one piece can fully cover such a broad topic, but in this checklist we will provide you with a bunch of useful tips designed to give your game the exposure it rightfully deserves.Read More…
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    How to Extend a Game's Replay Value by Including Different ModesExtend game replay value with different modes hires
    There's little denying that developing a game, regardless of its scope, requires a lot of hard work. After spending months building solid core mechanics, designing sophisticated enemy behaviors and optimizing your code, the last thing you're going to want to do is add additional modes. Who needs them, right? But before you throw away all those great ideas you had during pre-production, consider your audience. Today's gamers expect, and even demand, more. And it's your job to give it to them.Read More…
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    The Often Underestimated Art of Creating an Awesome In-Game TutorialPreviewtutsigt
    It might not be the most glamorous aspect of developing a game, but creating an informative, fun and user-friendly in-game tutorial can go a long ways towards increasing your conversion rate and sales. Join me as we take a brief look at the history of the tutorial and discuss what you can do to make learning how to play your game a more pleasant experience.Read More…