Robert Călin
Robert is a UI and UX developer, creating interfaces that are easy to use and understand. He also likes writing about coding, photography and traveling on his blog. Find him on Google+ and Twitter.
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    WordPress as a Knowledge BasePreview
    At work we previously used KBPublisher to manage our knowledge base. It costed money, it was hard to style, code is encrypted with ion cube and so on, basically very hard to maintain. WordPress can do the same things and even better. This tutorial will show you how to use custom taxonomies for knowledge base sections and custom posts for knowledge base articles.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Visual Editor - Change Full Screen Width and Match Theme StylePreview
    When writing long articles the full screen mode comes in handy. The clutter gets out of the way, but it is annoying when the results look different than in the editor.Read More…
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    Image Gallery With Custom Sized Images (Bonus jQuery Plugin)Preview
    As I promised in my previous article, here is the tutorial on creating a gallery out of the custom sized images. As a bonus you'll learn how to create a basic jQuery plugin to present the larger sized image of the thumbnail in a more appealing way. If you did not read my previous article about custom image sizes, please read it so it will be easier to understand this tutorial.Read More…
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    Using Custom Image Sizes in Your Theme and Resizing Existing Images to the New SizesCustom image sizes
    In this tutorial you will learn how to generate custom sized images for you to use in your WordPress theme. Why use custom image sizes? So you won't have to edit every image you upload to the Media Library. This way every image uploaded will get all the custom defined image sizes generated automatically. It can be inserted into the post or page using the Media Gallery or from the loop. Continue reading to find out how.Read More…