Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony is a Certified Mac Expert, Apple Product Specialist for Pro Audio, Guitar Center Certified Pro Audio Specialist; and overall audio tech fanatic. Robert has had his electronic dance music productions played by international DJs around the world and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with budding producers.
  • Computer Skills
    Launch Apps Like a Pro with LaunchpadLaunchpad 1
    Launchpad lets you quickly see every application that is installed on your Mac. It also lets you search, organize, launch, and if downloaded from the Apple App Store, delete applications. Let's have a look at Launchpad and see how it can make managing your apps easy and fun.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Understanding the Trash Can in OS XThetrash 1
    Admittedly at first glance, an article on how to use and understand the Trash Can inside of OS X may seem a bit beneath even the most novice of newcomers. However, the Trash Can, and even deleting files in general, both work very differently in OS X than other operating systems. Even I was thrown for a loop or two when I made the jump to OS X. I hope this extensive rundown of the Trash Can will help you better understand and manage your files and storage space on your Mac.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Quick Tip: Using Your Storage Space Wisely00 wise storage preview
    This Quick Tip will walk you through some best practices for making sure that you keep your hard disk free of the clutter that can accumulate so easily as well as some great tips for how to offload some of your big libraries to external drives.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Cut Through the Noise with Notification Center in Mountain LionPreviewimagenotifications
    Mountain Lion takes a lot of cues from its little brother iOS. One great feature that has made its way to Mountain Lion is Notification Center. Notification Center lives behind the right side of your screen and can be accessed from anywhere inside of Mountain Lion. Notifications work in much the same way as the iOS version, with some enhancements to be more practical on a desktop computer.Read More…
  • Computer Skills
    Quick Tip: Give Quick Look a Boost with PluginsQuicklook
    Quick Look is an amazingly helpful little tool that allows you to preview files without taking the time to open them in any specific application. Today's Quick Tip screencast will walk you through not only how Quick Look works, but how to make it even better with third party plugins. We'll finish off with a quick walkthrough of the new Quick Look features in Mountain Lion.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Multi Track vs. Multi Channel Drum Setups In Your DAWMulti%20track%20vs.%20multi%20channel%20drum%20setups%20in%20your%20daw
    I've been producing Electronic Dance Music for what seems like forever. I remember in the late nineties when I was just getting interested in computer based music sitting at my computer looking at the Sound Blaster General MIDI instrument wishing I knew how the heck to use it. Fast forward ten plus years past Fruity Loops 4, Sonic Foundry Acid Pro, Cool Edit and Reason 2.0, and I've learned a thing or two about making EDM. I want to share some of the wisdom I've picked up along the way in hopes that I can save some of you aspiring producers some of the discouragement I've experienced  on my journey to where I am today.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    8 Free Professional Quality Audio Unit Plug-ins for MacPreview%20image
    Lets face it, software is expensive. It is also a necessity more so than a want if you are serious about making computer based music. While there are hundreds of free plug-ins available online, more often than not two problems will arise: One, most of them are for PCs leaving us Mac users feeling left out. Two, most of them are vary poor quality.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Free Stock Motion Graphic Splatter Clips - Tutsplus PremiumSplatterthumb
    Today we have a Premium Pack of 19 pre-matted motion graphics elements recorded at 720HD. Just drop them into your next project and they're ready to go. In the Premium download, you'll find 7 Splatters, 3 Drips, and 9 Runs along with Vector and Photoshop brush files. Best part is there's no need to clean up when you're done! :)Read More…