Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony is a Certified Mac Expert, Apple Product Specialist for Pro Audio, Guitar Center Certified Pro Audio Specialist; and overall audio tech fanatic. Robert has had his electronic dance music productions played by international DJs around the world and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with budding producers.
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    Understanding AudioCopy and Inter-App Audio in iOSUnserstanding iaa audiocopy preview
    The Apple iPad is quickly reserving its place among traditional and newer mobile producers alike. In this tutorial, Tuts+ author and Certified MacExpert Robert Anthony will explain these two audio features inside iOS 7, and how you can get the most out of them.Read More…
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    Using a MIDI Controller With iPadMidi controller ipad preview
    Whether for practice, mobile production, or even to replace a traditional studio; the Apple iPad has quickly risen to the challenge of being all musical things to everyone. In this tutorial Tuts+ author Robert Anthony will demonstrate how to use a MIDI controller with iPad, and the possibilities it can offer.Read More…
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    Computer Components ExplainedComputer components preview
    RAM, storage, processor speed, cache; what does it all mean to you the computer-based musician? If you are purchasing a computer for music production but aren't the most tech savvy, Tuts+ author Robert Anthony will help you understand all the relevant technical aspects of computers in every-day language to get the most effective production system.Read More…
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    15 Tips for Producing Great Trance Drum Grooves15 edm drum tips preview
    Drums create the foundation of most dance music. If your productions seem to be lacking, it could be that your track is only as good as it's foundation. In this tutorial, Tuts+ author Robert Anthony shares 15 simple yet effective tips to create a solid drum track.Read More…
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    Using a Drummer Track to Control Any Plug-inUsing drummer preview image
    Drummer is a great new feature in Logic Pro X, but wouldn't it be cool if you could have your new virtual drummer play a grungy sound effect kit? Or how about go to town on an orchestral timpani set? In this tutorial, Robert Anthony will show you how to set Drummer free to play any plug-in you have.Read More…
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    Sweeping the Frequencies for Precise EQingSweeping frequencies preview
    If I there's one plug-in that's the audio equivalent to a Swiss Army knife, it would have to be the EQ plug-in. From subtle corrections to drastic sound design changes, you can use an EQ plug-in for an almost infinite list of tasks. In this tutorial you will learn a deceptively simple EQ trick to help tackle out-of-control frequencies.Read More…
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    Internal Effects Processing in Battery 4Internal effects 400
    Battery 4 from Native Instruments is one of the best drum sample plug-ins for EDM on the market today. In addition to shipping with a huge sample library, Battery 4 includes some great internal effects to sculpt, shape and mangle your audio samples. In this tutorial I will explain the internal effects modules built into Battery 4 to help you get the most out of this great plug-in.Read More…
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    Internal Audio Routing in Battery 4Internal routing 400
    Battery from Native Instruments is one of the best drum programming plug-ins for electronic music production, if not the best plug-in. In the newest version of Battery, Battery 4, Native Instruments has included some great new internal routing capabilities that open up many creative and production workflow possibilities.Read More…
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    Using a Reference Track When Producing EDMUsing ref track 400
    Electronic Dance Music, on its surface, may sound simple enough to produce. This mindset is what started my musical career; “How hard can it be?” I thought, “It’s a bunch of loops after all.” But if you’ve ever actually tried your hand at producing EDM, you will know, as I now do, just how wrong that mindset is. In this tutorial I will show you a tip I used when starting out, and honestly still use from time to time now; using a reference track in your DAW when producing.Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Logic Pro Key Commands by Dennis DriesschenLogicprokeycommands 400
    Using keyboard commands in Apple's Logic Pro X can significantly speed up your workflow and make using Logic Pro fun and intuitive. But with literally hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, it can be difficult to find the ones that will speed up your unique workflow. In this quick tip, I will introduce you to a great website that will help you quickly and easily reference every Logic Pro keyboard command to help you in your production workflow.Read More…
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    10 Places to Download Free Professional Guitar Effects Plug-insFree pro guitar effects 400
    Whether you are a guitarist looking for new tones, or a sound designer looking for new ways to mangle your audio, virtual guitar amps and effects are a great way to achieve new sounds and enhance your productions. There are many great guitar amp and pedal effects plug-ins available on the market today to purchase, but there are also numerous effects that are available for free. In this article I'll offer up some professional guitar effect plug-ins from around the internet that you can use on your next project, completely for free.Read More…
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    Logic Pro X Guitarist ToolsGuitaristtoolspreview400
    Out of the box, Logic Pro X is one of the most feature-rich DAWs on the market in terms of content, plug-ins and effects. Shipping with over 18 virtual instruments, over 65 plug-ins and more than 3,500 Apple Loops; Logic Pro X covers any need and genre you can think of without having to purchase third party software. In this tutorial, I will introduce three great plug-ins that ship with Logic Pro X that will enhance your guitar productions, whether you're a musician, producer, or fall somewhere in between.Read More…