Rita Lewis
Rita Lewis has been a Freelance web designer and content strategist for the past 19 years and specializes in Joomla! content management systems. She has an eclectic background with an MA in cultural anthropology and a love of Arthurian Legends and Farscape. She's a wife and the mother of two teenage girls and two cats.
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    DMCA: Is It a Muzzle or Security?Muzzle
    Since the advent of the Internet as a wide-open information conduit there has been a lot of worry amongst legislators, media corporations, and others with a stake in preventing content piracy to create a law that would add teeth to copyright for electronic communications. The long discussions, lobbying, and heated arguments between interested parties were loud and public. The end result was the passing of a complex law called The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA.Read More…
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    To Share or Not to Share, That is the QuestionShare
    Copyright is as old as printing and as new as today. As freelancers, whether writing, designing for print or the Internet, broadcasting, filming, or creating music, you should be aware of your rights of ownership of your work as well as when you actually can't retain full ownership — the down side of selling your work for a living. Note: You cannot copyright an idea or name, only an actual creation; and the item does not have to be published to hold a copyright. The minute you create it and even if you don't mark it with a copyright symbol, it still is fully owned by you.Read More…