Rishabh Rajan
Rishabh Rajan is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, with a Major in Film Scoring. He has written music for a few independent films while working in Los Angeles, many of which played in the local festival circuits. For about a year Rishabh worked as an Apple Logic Pro trainer in India. Currently Rishabh is a Music Production lecturer at International College of Music (ICOM) in Malaysia. He is also continuing to write music for indie films on a part time basis. Rishabh is also a sample library producer for Bela D Media and has developed some content for Twisted Tools.
  • Music & Audio
    Morphing in Pro ToolsPreview
    We've all seen how you can morph one face into another in the graphical world. In this screencast Rishabh Rajan shows us how to achieve the same thing with audio using Pro Tools.Read More…