Rian Fiske
Rian J. Fiske is Senior Project Manager at Artitudes Design, a full-service graphics design firm that specializes in executive presentations and messaging. Rian also serves as lead animator for Visual Quill, an award-winning industry leader in the creation of Cinematic Book Trailers for authors.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    How to Use the Linear Function ExpressionAetuts retina linear function
    Today you'll learn the details of the Linear Function, an expression that could change how you approach animation within After Effects. Don't run away just because we're talking about expressions!Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    How to Create the Spider-Man 2 Title EffectSpider man 2 preview image
    In this tutorial we will be recreating the look and feel of the title sequence from the 2004 movie "Spider-Man 2". First we will create the "webs" that move across the screen, then we will use expressions and masks to isolate the intermittent shapes that are formed by those webs. Finally we will use these shapes as alpha mattes for copies of our logo or text.Read More…