Remington McElhaney
I am a motion graphic designer and I love all forms of animation, but I’d have to say my favorite is 2D animation. I’ve been able to learn so much from people who have freely given their knowledge away and because of that, I make an effort to do the same.
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    How to Avoid Working With Clients You Want to Avoid Working WithPhotodune 2477062 man with a problem xs 400
    If you are currently a freelancer or plan on freelancing in the future, then this is a topic that should interest you. I’m going to be writing about client selection and the process I go through when screening potential clients. This is an important subject that can often go overlooked. It’s easy to start chasing money and find yourself in a bit of trouble when you are stuck with a difficult client and absurd amount of work on your plate. I’m going to share my screening process and some tips to help you avoid difficult clients so you can only work with the great ones!Read More…
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    8 Ways That You Can Get Better in 2013Aetuts preview better in 2013
    The ball has dropped, the confetti has been swept up, and everyone is back at work. I have a feeling that a lot of New Year’s Resolutions have been broken already. Now I’m not a big fan of all the New Year’s celebrations, but there is one thing I really enjoy doing, and that’s putting together my new Demo Reel for the year.Read More…
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    Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Video Production GeeksXmas thumb
    With Christmas right around the corner, there's still time to scrap together a few gift ideas. Take a look through this list and if anything tickle's your fancy, send the link off to whoever you think would actually want to buy you something this year. :)Read More…
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    Organic Liquid Filling Logo RevealLiquid thumbnail
    In today's tutorial we will cover how to create a fluid, liquid-like transition which can be used to reveal logos, animate elements on or off, or transition between elements. Trapcode Particular will be used, although CC Particle World would also work. Topics include using custom particles, motion paths, track mattes, and creating a fluid distortion.Read More…
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    How To Set Up A Color Control Panel When Creating After Effects TemplatesColor control thumbnail
    Set up a script-based color control composition to make editing the color scheme of your project quick and easy! Effect instancing will be discussed and is a great way to improve your workflow. Let's jump in!Read More…
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    Tips For Putting Together Your First Demo Reel3d and motion graphics
    In today's article I'm going to talk about a few helpful tips to consider when you decide to put together a demo reel. After the positive feedback from my last article on 10 Key Tips To Becoming A Successful Video Freelancer, I thought the topic of one's demo reel might also be applicable. Enjoy!Read More…
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    10 Key Tips To Becoming A Successful Video FreelancerFreelancer
    You’ve watched thousands of tutorials. You’ve put in countless hours and spent many late nights working on personal projects. You’ve finally come to the conclusion that this may just be something you would like to do for a career. It can seem a little intimidating at first, because how are you going to convince someone to pay you to do this? Up until now you’ve been your only client. How do you get more? I’m going to share my insight and experiences on how to successfully launch your freelance career this year!Read More…
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    We've Spelled Out How To Create Dynamic, Hand-Drawn TextPreview
    One of the beautiful things about After Effects is how versatile it is. People use it for all sorts of different reasons and with the recent Breath Of Life Series, we saw how to bring your hand drawings to life. Today, we'll look at applying this same idea of importing hand drawn assets to generate an attractive, dynamic text effect. Would work well with this Quick Tip. :)Read More…
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    Jump Into An Animated Freeze Frame SequenceThumb
    Today, were going to take a look at using expressions to simplify and speed up your workflow. We'll be using an animated jump sequence to demonstrate the use of an "If else statement". We'll start in Photoshop creating the sequence, and then jump into After Effects to create an animation.... which will be driven off of just one control layer, with the help of expressions. Let's get started!Read More…
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    Writing With The CloudsPreview
    I think at some point everybody has enjoyed trying to point out shapes of animals or other random things while looking up at the clouds. Well today you get to decide what that cloud shape will be! Without using any 3rd Party Plug-ins, I'm going to show you guys a simple way create clouds from shapes, text, a logo... anything you want! In this tutorial the main focus will be on track mattes and working with masks. Read More…