Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh is a software engineer and writer from Sri Lanka. He likes to develop applications and write on latest technologies. He is available for freelance writing and WordPress development. You can read his latest book on WordPress Web Application Development. He is a regular contributor to 1stWebDesigner, Tuts+ network and Sitepoint network. Make sure to contact him at www.innovativephp.com or follow him on Twitter
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    Introduction to WordPress App ThemesApp theme 400
    With the increasing growth rate of WordPress powered websites, the need for WordPress themes is rising. Multi-purpose themes are becoming highly popular among website owners. Many existing themes are built mainly to address blog functionality. But with the growth of WordPress web application development, we are in need of specialized themes for different purposes. These themes are known as app themes. In this article, we going to familiarize with the concept of app themes and their usage in real world.Read More…
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    WordPress Initialization Hooks: Benefits and Common MistakesHooks
    In programming, initialization of data is important as it's where we setup the prerequisites for the application such as its attributes, its required files and data, its connection to the database, and so on. WordPress itself has a well-defined initialization procedure. Through the page life cycle, WordPress fires a number of actions many of which we've covered in previous articles. To that end, it provides a set of initialization hooks which are naturally used to initialize the application before executing its primary functionality. As plugin and theme developers, it's important to understand the use cases and common mistakes of these initialization hooks, in order to build quality applications. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of WordPress initialization hooks and how they are used in various scenarios.Read More…
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    How to Implement Post Status Transitions for Custom Web ApplicationsCustom post status 400
    WordPress uses posts and pages to provide the dynamic content for applications. The introduction of Custom Post Types has increased the possibility of developing complex applications with WordPress. Generally, normal posts go through a well-defined workflow, before they get published on the website or on the application. During this workflow, various statuses are assigned to posts and handled internally by WordPress. Post statuses can be used as a powerful technique for managing status in a custom web application. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use WordPress custom post statuses and transitions to build applications which go beyond the conventional websites or blogs. Do you have experience in working with custom post status transitions? All of you are welcome to discuss your experiences.Read More…
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    Integrating Multiple Choice Quizzes in WordPress – Creating the FrontendIntegrating multiple choice quizzes in wordpress
    This is the second part of the series on developing a multiple choice quiz plugin for WordPress. In the first part we created the backend of our plugin to capture the necessary data to store in the database. In this final part, we will be creating the frontend of the plugin where the users can take quizzes and evaluate their knowledge.Read More…
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    Integrating Multiple Choice Quizzes in WordPress - Creating the BackendIntegrating multiple choice quizzes in wordpress
    Multiple choice questions are something that most of us have faced at least once in our life. We love them because we can provide correct answers by logically thinking about provided possibilities, even if we don't exactly know the correct answer. Also answering takes less time which makes it so popular. Creating a multiple choice quiz in WordPress can be a very exciting and profitable task. You can use it in your personal blog to attract more visitors, or you can create a premium section with advanced quizzes, or you can create quizzes focusing on popular certification exams. There are numerous possibilities for making it profitable.Read More…
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    How to Customize Theme Check for Validating WordPress ThemesTheme check
    Security and consistency are some of the major concerns we have in using third party libraries, frameworks and plugins. We face the same problem in using free and commercial WordPress themes and plugins. The WordPress Codex provides a set of guidelines and rules for developing themes. In order to submit themes to the WordPress theme directory, you have to adhere to those guidelines. But there are hundreds of free and commercial themes which might not be developed according to these guidelines.Read More…
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    Understanding WordPress Pluggable Functions and Their UsageUnderstanding wordpress pluggable functions and their usage
    WordPress provides a collection of core functions called pluggable functions. As the name suggests, we can plug in custom code to these functions to override and enhance their functionality according to our requirements. The real power of pluggable functions comes with the ability to declare custom functions and make them pluggable for other developers and designers. It's a widely used technique in extending the functionality and features of WordPress Child Themes. Throughout this article we are going to explore the concept of pluggable functions and their usage.Read More…
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    Improving Blog Discussions With Disqus CommentsDisqus comments
    In the first part we discussed how we can use the default WordPress comments system to engage users into effective discussions. Today we are going to talk about how Disqus can help you to create effective discussions and how you can choose between default WordPress comment system vs Disqus systems. Disqus is one of the most popular comment systems used for WordPress sites with a powerful set of built in features. As an author or blog owner, you should be trying to compare each of the discussed areas with your existing system and choose the best comment system for your readers. Are you ready to Disqus your comments system?Read More…
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    How to Engage Readers Into Effective DiscussionsHow to engage readers into effective discussions
    Do you want to be an owner of a blog where no one is interested in providing their feedback about the articles or content? Or, do you want to be an author where your posts ends up getting no comments at all? I am sure you don't want to feel alone among quality blog posts. So what should you do?Read More…
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    Creating Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPressPricing table plugin
    Pricing tables are a key component of your business that promotes your products and helps users choose between different services you have. Most modern commercial WordPress themes provide built in Pricing Tables. There are also plenty of free and commercial pricing table plugins for WordPress. This tutorial is intended to provide knowledge to WordPress developers on creating a plugin from scratch which enables customization in different projects. Every web design is trying to accomplish responsive features which enable better look and feel on any kind of device. The pricing tables created with this plugin will work on all kinds of devices such as mobiles and tablets as well. So let's get started.Read More…
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    Responsive Pricing Tables Using :target for Small ScreensPreview
    Pricing tables can be a very effective means of displaying information and helping users differentiate the options available to them. Ultimately, pricing tables can convert passing visitors into valuable customers, so it's important we consider how they work on different screens and devices.Read More…
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    WordPress Event Calendar Using Custom Post Types and Verbose CalendarVerbose event calendar tbm
    We use WordPress Event Calendar to show the posts created on each day. Also visitors would love to know about the future posts. I have seen some sites which provide the Title of future tutorials so that visitors can stay updated on the topics they like. Likewise we can use WordPress as an event management system as well. Schedules of events are much more important than blog posts. We need to provide the option for users to view events on a calendar. Even a site like the Tuts+ network can have so many events like the launch of a new Tuts+ site, the launch of an e-book, a monthly newsletter and many more. So in this tutorial I am going to use a jQuery plugin called Verbose Calendar in combination with Custom Post Types to create a simple event calendar. Verbose Calendar plugin is developed by John Patrick Given and available for download on GitHub.Read More…