Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh is a software engineer and writer from Sri Lanka. He likes to develop applications and write on latest technologies. He is available for freelance writing and WordPress development. You can read his latest book on WordPress Web Application Development. He is a regular contributor to 1stWebDesigner, Tuts+ network and Sitepoint network. Make sure to contact him at www.innovativephp.com or follow him on Twitter
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    Simple WordPress Plugin to Follow Your Favorite AuthorsWp author follow tbm
    The incredible growth rate of WordPress has simplified website development. Popular tutorial sites like the Tuts+ network use WordPress to power their websites. These websites provide hundreds of new tutorials, articles and updates daily. So keeping track of every article is not easy even with your RSS feed reader. Your feed reader will be filled with new ones quickly and as readers we are only interested in certain topics. So ideally we would need a method that provides articles that we are interested in. Generally authors specialize in specific areas. If Darren Rowse writes an article about blogging, every one will want to read it. Likewise we have favorite authors that we would like to read every time. So in this tutorial I am going to create a simple WordPress plugin that lets you subscribe to your favorite authors. You will get an email every time your favorite author publishes a post. Hence you will not miss the important articles ever again.Read More…