Raj Dash
Raj Dash is a multi-blogger, math/computer geek, cook, composer, philosopher, former search engine webmaster, former publisher/editor, and published writer and author. You can find his hubsite at Chameleon Integration, which will lead you directly or indirectly to some of his active blogs and zomblogs.
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    Tips for Staying Ahead of Your Freelance Writing WorkPreview writingwork
    While having a regular freelance writing gig is nice, can you keep up with the ongoing need for fresh content? Can you balance the workload with other projects? Say you have a client who has you blogging weekly or even daily. Have you found it easy to come up with simultaneously original and useful content each and every week or even every day? In some saturated niches, it's not always easy producing regular content. Here are some tips you can use to to blunt the edge of writing dry spells, if they happen--or prevent them altogether. Before starting this post, I had not completed a single article or post in over four weeks--my longest dry-spell since I started to take blogging seriously in 2005. This was mostly due to recently getting into non-writing and long-term writing projects. So while I did earn some income, my concern was for what would happen when those projects ended. A creative dry spell has a habit of perpetuating beyond control if you don't forcibly do something to get out of it.Read More…
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    Best of the Web - June 2008Botw
    It's time for a web roundup for June 2008. Like Collis' mentioned in last month's roundup, these take a long time because there's so much reading material to distract from the main goal: a list of relevant links for you NETTUTS readers. Enjoy.Read More…
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    Suggestions for Creating Step-by-Step Web Development Tutorials for Nettuts+Write
    This article discusses one approach to writing step-by-step tutorials. While the focus here is for NETTUTS, much of the approach can be applied for any site. If you plan to write tutorials for NETTUTS, you should read/browse this article. There's also a parallel article at PSDTUTS that Editor Sean Hodge wrote, which actually inspired this one.Read More…
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    Nettuts+ Demo/ Source Buttons, New Voting Buttons and More Tuts+ Sites?Code
    This is just a short roundup post to touch base with our NETTUTS readers. Just a few tidbits of info, including unofficial announcements of new TUTS sites and a link to an interview with our very own Collis Ta'eed.Read More…
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    Prototype a Magazine-Style Home Page Template with the Blueprint CSS FrameworkFilmscenic thumb 200x200
    When Collis launched this site and asked readers for tutorial requests, a common one was for a "magazine themes" how-to for blog platforms. This tutorial focuses on the first part of the process: applying a CSS grid to the design to prototype a home page template.Read More…
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    How Using State Diagrams Can Make You a Better Web Coder200
    One tool that should be in your web coding arsenal is the state diagram. A state diagram shows the various "states" (reactions) that your application (e.g., web site) can be in, as well as what action or input (from the user) is necessary to get to a specific state. A state diagram helps to make concrete in your mind all of the possible user/application interactions. This increases the chances that you'll at least consider coding for all possibilities simply because you now know them all - which reduces the chances that you have buggy code or worse, forgot to handle specific functionality. Read More…
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    Which CSS Grid Framework Should You Use for Web Design?200
    Ever wondered how all those slick "magazine" themes for WordPress and other platforms were created? Many, if not all, were designed using a CSS Grid Framework - at least in essence if not in actual fact. That is, you can use an existing CSS framework or build your own from scratch. While it's possible to design complex web page layouts without a framework, it's arguably an act in masochism. In this article you'll get an overview of the current batch of Frameworks and which you should choose to use.Read More…