Rafael Angeline
  • Game Development
    Gamedev Glossary: What Does "Freemium" Mean?What does freemium mean definition
    In this post, I'll define the concept of freemium - an increasingly popular business model for online games. You'll learn how an freemium game loop works, and perhaps you'll be inspired to implement it in a future game...Read More…
  • Code
    The header.php - What Needs to Go in It and What Doesn'tPreview
    In this tutorial, let's talk about the header.php, an essential file for any WordPress theme. I'll show you a nice header file example and give tips about what needs to go in it and what doesn't.Read More…
  • Code
    Creating a Filterable Portfolio with WordPress and jQueryFilterableportfolio preview
    Learn in this tutorial how to make a filterable Portfolio with jQuery integrated with WordPress, remember that this portfolio kind can make a big difference on your themes!Read More…