Rachel Shillcock
Rachel (also known as rachilli) is a freelance web and user interface designer based in Northern England. Focusing on designing for the web, Rachel loves all things design, digital and community related. Rachel is also a published logo designer and regularly writes for the .net Magazine Expert Panel. Outside of work, Rachel has a (slight) obsession with superheroes and animals.
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    Design School for Developers: It's a Wrap!Dsfd wrap retina
    So there we have it, the end of our session for Design School for Developers. Hopefully, by now, you’ll have a much better understanding of the basic principles of design and how you can put all of this information into practice for your future endeavours in designing for the web.Read More…
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    Responsive Web DesignDsfd rwd retina
    Unless you’re totally new to the industry, or you’ve been living under a rock in the faraway lands of another planet, you’ll have heard about responsive design. Even if you don’t understand it fully, it’s bound to be something you’ll have come across or interacted with in some way or another.Read More…
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    Video in Web DesignDsfd video retina
    Video itself has been around for a long time; in films, on the television and now readily available to play on our phones, tablets and other devices. Video on the web has also been around for a long time. We started out with heavy-weight flash files of videos and animations, whereas now we have HTML5 video and so many more options for including video in our web pages. Heck, half the time it’s even just as easy as dropping some embed code into a website. In short, we’ve never had it as easy when it comes to using video on the web.Read More…
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    CSS3, Web Fonts and IconsDsfd webfonts retina
    We’re really lucky to be working in an industry like the web industry. Nowadays, we have so many new tips and techniques and ways of working all of the time. We’re also really lucky that we’re in an age where, as these new technologies are introduced, our browsers can (for the most part) be pretty quick to catch up, so we get to put these new technologies into our designs (and gasp, even into client work!) more than ever before.Read More…
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    All About Trends in Web DesignDsfd trends retina
    As long as the web has been around there have been certain design trends which have popped up from time to time. Some of these trends have stuck around and, over time, some have disappeared. Think back to the time of Geocities, to the time of ‘Web 2.0’ designs and closer to home, with the “flat design” trend that’s popular now. Now, in 2013, the web industry is changing as rapidly as ever. New techniques, or ways of working, pop up every month, if not every week.Read More…
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    Building Visual Hierarchy into Your DesignsDsfd hierarchy visual retina
    It’s important to remember that hierarchy has not only to do with content and the words that you have on a page. The imagery you include in your designs, from photos through to icons, buttons and any other visual elements other than text, has a big impact on the hierarchy and perception of your website.Read More…
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    Building Content Hierarchy Through DesignDsfd hierarchy content retina
    Way back at the beginning of this series, we talked a lot about content and the importance content has in any design work. It’s something that should obviously be looked at and sorted through before you start any project, but you only get to see the real results of this work once you begin designing.Read More…
  • Web Design
    An Introduction to HierarchyDsfd hierarchy retina
    Ensuring that your designs present a clear hierarchy is very important, and something that you should aim for in every one of your designs. There’s definitely an art to this, one which relates heavily back to your content planning and strategy stage.Read More…
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    Reducing the BloatDsfd reducing bloat retina
    Complexity in our designs is often unavoidable. Sometimes, it’s also necessary. When working for any client there is always going to be a level of complexity that we will try to reduce, whether this is through the amount of navigation items they want, the amount of content that they have, or anything else that seems overly convoluted or difficult to follow.Read More…
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    Building Consistency and Relationships into Your DesignsDsfd relationships retina
    One key part of composition is understanding how to build consistency into your designs and how to display the relationships between each of the elements on the page.Read More…
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    Adding Space to Your DesignsDsfd adding space retina
    Let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first. Whitespace isn’t simply a block of space in your design that has to be white. Instead, think of it more like structural “empty” space, where no extra elements, embellishments or other parts to your design are placed.Read More…
  • Web Design
    An Introduction to CompositionDsfd composition retina
    Composition is about laying out all your ideas and design elements into a whole; composing your design. We're going to combine all of the previous lessons that we’ve covered, and because of that it makes composition one of those really difficult aspects of designing anything.Read More…