Rachel Nabors
Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer and award-winning cartoonist, deftly blending the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code.” She has written for Inspire, Ladies in Tech, 24ways.org, and UX Booth and speaks at frontend and UX conferences around the world. She enjoys a hot cup of oolong or a cold glass of cider. You can find more of her at rachelnabors.com and on Twitter at @rachelnabors
  • Web Design
    How They Did It: Alice in VideolandAlice retina
    This summer I started building a modern retelling of "Alice in Wonderland", an interactive storybook web app by the name of Alice in Videoland. It ended up being featured in a sister article in Adobe Inspire as well as turning into an encore-winning presentation I gave at CSS Dev Conf 2013. The project was meant to be educational, a testing ground for new CSS animation techniques and desktop-to-tablet JavaScript. I keep Alice's source up on GitHub where anyone can examine my code, but sometimes it's nice to have someone go over the reasoning with you.Read More…