Rachel McCollin
WordPress Developer and Writer, Birmingham UK
Rachel McCollin is a WordPress developer who writes books, articles and tutorials about web design and development, with a focus on WordPress and on responsive and mobile development. She runs a web design agency in Birmingham, UK and has published three books on WordPress, including WordPress: Pushing the Limits, an advanced resource for WordPress developers. She's currently writing her fourth book.
  • Code
    Use Two Loops to Output Your First Blog Post DifferentlyMain blog 2 loops
    Ever wanted to show more detail for the first post on your main blog page? Learn how to do it using the WP_Query class and the pre_get_posts hook.Read More…
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    WP_Query Arguments: Custom FieldsMastering wp query featured image
    Learn how to query your posts by their custom field values (also known as post metadata) using the WP_Query class.Read More…
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    Sharing Your Work in ScratchScratch preview image
    Scratch is most powerful when you see it as a community of coders. Learn how to share your work with your friends and the wider world.Read More…
  • Business
    Closing the Gender Gap: What You Can Do to Promote Diversity in the Tech IndustryClose gender gap
    It's an undisputed fact that women are underrepresented in the tech industry. But this doesn’t just affect women: having more women in tech benefits all of us. In this article I explore the ways in which we can all play a part in making the tech industry more diverse, and make some practical suggestions on what you can do.Read More…
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    WP_Query Arguments: TaxonomiesMastering wp query featured image
    In the next part of the series on the WP_Query class, learn how to add arguments for taxonomy terms to WP_Query.Read More…
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    Add an Expiry Date to WordPress PostsPost expiry date preview
    Giving your posts an expiry date can save you time editing them when they're past their sell-by date. Here's how to do it.Read More…
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    Make Your Scratch Code More Efficient With Custom BlocksScratch preview image
    If you find yourself repeating the same sequences of blocks in Scratch repeatedly, it will make your projects more efficient if you use custom blocks. Here's how.Read More…
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    Bring Your Scratch Projects to Life With Animated Costumes and BackdropsScratch preview image
    Make your sprites come to life and your project's background appear to move by creating animated effects in your Scratch projects.Read More…
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    Make Your Scratch Animations More Reactive With EventsScratch preview image
    Events let you make things happen as your project progresses or in response to user inputs. Learn how to use them to change the backdrop and display messages.Read More…
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    WP_Query Arguments: Categories and TagsMastering wp query featured image
    In the next part of this series on mastering WP_Query, I'll show you the arguments you can use to query categories and tags with WP_Query and how to code them.Read More…
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    Using Variables and Data in ScratchScratch preview image
    Learn how to create data and variables in Scratch and use them to time a project and keep score.Read More…
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    Working With Control, Sensing and Operators in ScratchScratch preview image
    Learn how to use Control, Sensing and Operator blocks to let the user interact with your project.Read More…