Rachel McCollin
Rachel McCollin is a WordPress developer who writes books, articles and tutorials about web design, with a focus on WordPress and on responsive and mobile development. She runs a web design agency in Birmingham, UK and has published three books on WordPress, including WordPress: Pushing the Limits, an advanced resource for WordPress developers.
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    Understanding and Working with Content Types in WordPressWordpress
    In the first two parts of this series, I introduced the WordPress database and its structure and showed how relationships between different content types are managed. Here, I'll look at content types in more detail and describe the different types of content in WordPress and how they interact.Read More…
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    A Launch Check List for Professional WordPress WebsitesWordpress site migration checklist
    Before you launch any WordPress-based site - whether it's your own or a client's - there will be key things you need to check. This list isn't exhaustive but will give you a solid starting point for checking your sites before launch.Read More…
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    Understanding and Working with Relationships Between Data in WordPressWordpress
    Ever wondered exactly how the relationships between the data in your WordPress site work? In this article, I'll explain in detail how WordPress manages relationships between different kinds of data and what that means for your site.Read More…
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    Understanding and Working with Data in WordPressWordpress
    In this first part of a series on working with data in WordPress, I'll provide an overview of how WordPress stores data and what's stored in which database table.Read More…
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    Taxonomy Archives: List Posts by a Second Taxonomy's TermsCreating post type archive to list by term preview
    If your site uses multiple taxonomies to categorize information, it can be helpful to split up posts in a taxonomy archive by the terms of a second taxonomy. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a taxonomy archive to do just that.Read More…
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    Creating an FAQ Page Using Two LoopsCreate faq page using two loops faqsimage
    A page of frequently asked questions will be much more user-friendly if your visitors can see all of the questions at the top of the page and then go to the answers by clicking on each. This tutorial shows you how to do this by creating two loops for the same content.Read More…
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    How to Find a Career That Fits Your Working StylePreview career style personality
    Being fulfilled and successful in your career isn't just about qualifications and skills. Find out how understanding your personality preferences can help you find the career for you.Read More…
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    Understanding and Working with Data in WordPress - MultisiteWordpress
    In the earlier parts of this series, we've worked through the different tables in the WordPress database and examined what data they store, how they interact with each other and what functions you use to interact with them. In this final part, I'll move on to look at Multisite. The database for a WordPress Multisite installation will contain extra tables: a set of tables for each site running on the network, and some extra tables for the network itself, as well as the tables for the core site. Read More…
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    Advanced Use of Attachments in WordPress: Creating a 'Featured Image' for a CategoryPng
    This tutorial is the final part of a four part series in which you'll learn some techniques for working with images in attachments in WordPress which give you advanced options.Read More…
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    Advanced Use of Attachments in WordPress - Creating Categorised Gallery PagesAdvanced use of attachments in wordpress preview
    For a photography site, you may need a way to display images as galleries in more than one page, according to their category. Here I show you how to query attachments to do just that.Read More…
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    Taxonomy Archives: List Posts by Post TypeCreating post type archive to list by term preview
    If your theme has taxonomy terms registered to multiple post types, it can be helpful to separate out those post types on the taxonomy archive pages. Here's how to do it.Read More…
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    Taxonomy Archives: List Posts by Taxonomy's TermsCreating post type archive to list by term preview
    Bored of post type archives that list all of your posts in one long list? Here's how to make archives more interesting by splitting them up into taxonomy terms.Read More…