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    70 Clever and Adorable Examples of Pet PhotographyPreview
    Pet photography is one of most the interesting types of photography. Photographing your pet can be a fun experience, but it is not always easy to capture your pet's true adorable personality. You should keep few thing in mind while taking snaps your animal: be patience, focus on the eyes, experiment with them. In this roundup, we have a collection 70 cute, clever, and sweet pet photos along with few tips.Read More…
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    70 Imaginative Examples Of Conceptual PhotographyPreview
    Conceptual photography - as a part of conceptual art - is a photography genre in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. In this type of photography, you try to convey a concept or message with a photograph. Few photographers are using Photoshop to edit and process - all the magic happens in-camera. In this collection we've sourced 70 imaginative and beautiful examples of this wonderful type of photography.Read More…
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    70 Creative Examples Of Toy PhotographyPreview
    Toy photography can be absolutely great fun, and is a really unique subject to capture. With creative lighting, it's possible to capture some incredibly unique shots of toys, characters and small objects. The main challenge of toy photography is to give your subject life - either through placing it in a life-like setting, or in an action-packed post. To give you a hand, today we've collected 70 beautiful examples of toy photography along with couple of tips!Read More…
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    Street Photography: 80 Superb Examples & TipsPreview
    Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects and people in candid situations. It's usually focused on public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other settings. In this showcase we have collected some beautiful examples of street photography, along with few tips to perfect your own technique!.Read More…
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    80 Impressive Examples Of Urban Decay PhotographyPreview
    Urban decay is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or part of a city, falls into disrepair. It's essentially the art of capturing beautiful photographs of a subject that is inherently not beautiful, and - for those of us who live near a city - it can be an easy form of photography to explore. In today's showcase, we have collected 80 impressive examples of urban decay photography to encourage you to head out to the derelict parts of town!Read More…
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    70 Dazzling Long Exposure Photography Examples & TipsPreview
    Long exposure photography means using a long shutter speed, a tripod, and often a remote shutter release. The resulting effect is to sharply capture stationary elements of a scene, while blurring, smearing, or obscuring any moving elements. It's a beautiful effect, and can lead to incredibly beautiful images. In this roundup, we've compiled some amazing long exposure photography, along with useful tips and links to help you try it yourself!Read More…
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    100 Wonderful Examples Of Water PhotographyPreview
    Water in photography makes for a very interesting subject, and the different forms that it can take are incredibly vast. Whether it's a waterfall, waterscape, seascape, river, lake, water droplet, or dew droplet, it's all made up of the same elements. Today we're focusing in on this unique subject, showcasing a hundred beautiful watery images, and pointing you in the right direction to find out more about water photography.Read More…
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    Beauty Of Nature: 100 Brilliant Examples Of Bird PhotographyPreview
    Bird photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography, but remains an incredibly popular hobby for many people. The subject is usually small, may not stay still, moves rapidly from branch to branch, sits in less than favourable lighting conditions and is extremely aware of an approaching photographer. Tricky! In this showcase we have collected 100 beautiful examples of bird photography, and a few tips to help you out.Read More…
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    Creating Impact With Partial Colour: 60 Stunning PhotosPreview2
    Colour is a powerful part of photography and it's presence or absence is a great way to highlight and emphasise certain parts of an image. Although much of photography is about subtlety, there's occasionally a time and place to make part of an image really stand out. In today's showcase, we're taking a look at a selection of photos that use partial colour to stunning effect.Read More…
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    Into the Dark: 100 Beautiful Examples of Night PhotographyPreview2
    After the sun has set, night brings a new an exciting challenge for photographers. Moonlight, stars, long exposures, light painting, and light trails are all techniques to try, and objects to capture on camera. Grab your tripod, and join us after the jump for 100 absolutely stunning night-time photographs along with tips and tutorials for shooting your own!Read More…
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    Less Is More: 50+ Examples of Minimalist PhotographyPreview
    Minimalism is indeed the art of less. As a life philosophy, minimalists focus on a few essential elements of life and cast unnecessary things aside. In today's showcase, we have collected 50 examples of minimalist photography, where the focus is one one small key element and the rest of the composition is completely clutter free. You'll be surprised at how powerful these images can be!Read More…
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    100 Ultimate Examples Of Architecture PhotographyPreview
    Architectural photography is a stunning way to express the beauty of man-made creation. Although the natural world has a huge amount to offer photographers, the angular lines, shapes and patterns of architecture allow you to experiment in a completely unique way. Today we're taking a look at 100 stunning examples of just this - architecture that provokes amazement!Read More…