I'm a game developer, professional game consultant, and avid gamer. I've been playing games since the age of three, and have loved everything about them since before I can remember. To keep up on my current projects, and overall view of the game industry, check out my developer blog, and follow me at @Gemfruit.
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    Tower of Greed - Post MortemPreview
    I've always made games because it's a passion of mine, and the game that best represents this is Tower of Greed. No other game I've created has brought me so much joy, either during the development process or after release. Today, I get the amazing opportunity to break down my own creation, and share with you everything from the game's core design, to its biggest flaws, and how I plan to address them in a sequel.Read More…
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    Workshop: Flux - CritiqueFlux critique
    Earlier today, Wilson Lim showed you how to create a gravity-based game called Flux. In this Workshop, Matt Porter critiques Flux, explaining what it would take to turn that simple demo into a real game.Read More…
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    Workshop: Jelly Escape - CritiquePreview
    This week, Matt Porter critiques Jelly Escape, a popular new platformer developed by TawStudio Entertainment. Platformers are a dime a dozen on Flash portals, so let's see what this one brings to the table...Read More…
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    Using the Kongregate API in Your Flash GamesKongregate
    Kongregate is one of the largest Flash game portals on the net, and has its own API that can be integrated into your games (for which Kongregate even rewards you financially). In this tutorial, I'll show you how to implement the Kongregate API into your games, and also go into detail about what the API is capable of and why you should use it.Read More…
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    Workshop: Keeper of the Grove - CritiqueKeeper of the grove critique
    In today's game critique, Matt Porter takes a look at the new hit tower defense game, Keeper of the Grove, developed by BooblyC.Read More…
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    Workshop: Nuclear Outrun - CritiqueNuclearoutrun
    This week, Matt Porter critiques another recently released game: Nuclear Outrun, developed by Nerdook Productions.Read More…
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    Workshop: Utopian Mining - CritiqueUtopianmining
    Today, Matt Porter takes a look at a recently released mining game, currently doing very well on Newgrounds: Utopian Mining, developed by Schulles.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #7: Survival Lab - CritiqueSurvival lab critique
    This week, Matt Porter gives us a detailed rundown of a fast-paced arcade Flash jump-and-run game: Survival Lab, developed by Beast Games.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #5: Frantic 2 - CritiqueFrantic2
    Continuing our new series of critiques, this week Matt Porter gives us a detailed rundown of an excellent Flash shoot-'em-up: Frantic 2.Read More…
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    Activetuts+ Workshop #2: Amorphous+ CritiqueAmorphous preview
    Continuing our new series of critiques, this week Matt Porter gives us a detailed rundown of a classic Flash game: Amorphous+.Read More…