Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson is a WordPress plugin developer that lives in Lawrence, KS. He runs a website called Pippin's Plugins.com which is dedicated to provided development education for aspiring WordPress plugin developers.
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    Using bbPress as a Support ForumBbress support forums image
    bbPress is a tremendous plugin that provides a complete forum system done the WordPress way. Along with simply providing a great forum system for discussion boards, bbPress also works exceptionally well as a support platform, though there are several features that are missing from the core plugin. In this tutorial we're going to walk through configuring the plugin for an optimal support forum.Read More…
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    Writing Extensible Plugins With Actions and FiltersThumb
    One of the many things you will find when investigating a good plugin developer's source code are custom hooks and filters that the developer has placed throughout the plugin. The presence of these action hooks and filters make the plugin "extensible", meaning that other plugins and themes can manipulate or add onto the behavior of the plugin. Writing extensible plugins is something I'd like to strongly encourage you to do. There are a lot of great reasons why you should do it, but very few (if any) reasons why you should avoid this practice.Read More…
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    Functionality: Plugins vs ThemesThumb
    There are a lot of factors that influence performance on your WordPress site, and one of the tricks that "experts" will often tell you to do is avoid plugins. They will tell you it is better to place functionality inside of your theme, instead of activating a plugin. Is this true?Read More…
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    Quick Tip: Improving Shortcodes with the has_shortcode() FunctionHas shortcode image
    One of the mistakes that many developers make when creating shortcodes (in themes and plugins) is always loading all scripts and styles. For efficiency's sake, and also to better prevent conflicts, scripts and styles should only be loaded when they are needed. This is a really handy function that will let you perform any action you want, such as loading scripts and styles, when, and only when, a post has a particular shortcode.Read More…