Pietro Foresti
I am a sound doctor, a mix surgeon, a musicians' psychotherapist. I have an holistic approach that sees music as a "magma" to forge as a whole thing without getting lost in noisy particulars. Only later I will light the path to the detail that makes the difference. I am a musician with baggage of an arranger, a composer, a sound engineer, a music-therapist. I am a producer of character that gives character to everything I produce.
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    A Different Approach: Producing "America Dreaming" for Tracii GunsPreview pietro and tracii guns 1
    America Dreaming is the title of this great song I produced for Tracii Guns, guitarist and founder of Guns N' Roses and iconic leader of L.A. Guns. It features the Italian band J27. The single will be released and available, both in US and Italy, in 2013. This article describes my experiences and approach recording and producing the project.Read More…