Philo Hermans
Philo Hermans is a freelance web developer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has over 9 years of experience and often works with designers who want to see their designs turned into fully coded websites or web applications. Philo is also a successful plugin developer on CodeCanyon, and has written frequently at Nettuts+. Find out more about him at his website.
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    How to Use the Latest Updates to the Marketplace APIAvatar
    The Envato Marketplaces are exploding, with more than 600k members and over 65k files! A great addition to the marketplaces is the API, which is becoming more popular everyday, thanks to the latest updates! Our awesome marketplace devs are constantly listening to community feedback, and have added some sweet features to the edge release! Read More…
  • Web Design
    5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Web Designs for CodingPreview
    Congratulations! You've designed your site and you feel like it's ready to be sent off to a coding team. You might have a developer in mind, or you might be comparing the popular PSD > HTML shops that are out there... you might even plan to code it all yourself. No matter what solution you decide upon, there are a few tricks that I think every designer should know when they are preparing their designs to be coded into fully functional websites.Read More…
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    How to Build a Shopping Cart using CodeIgniter and jQueryCodeigniter
    CodeIgniter is an open source PHP web application framework with a lot of features. Recently, thanks to the latest update, a new feature was added to this framework, called the Cart Class. In this tutorial, we're going to take advantage of this new class, and write a shopping cart system, with a touch of jQuery added in.Read More…
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    How to Implement Email Verification for New MembersAvatar
    Have you ever created an account with a website, and were required to check your email and click through a verification link sent by the company in order to activate it? Doing so highly reduces the number of spam accounts. In this lesson, we'll learn how to do this very thing!Read More…
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    Using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification with PHP200x200
    Hi there! Today we are going to combine Paypal with PHP to allow for the easy processing of payments on your website.Read More…
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    How To Implement sIFR3 Into Your Website200x200
    I noticed some requests on how-to implement sIFR3 into your website - or in combination with WordPress. In this tutorial i will demonstrate where to download sIFR3 and how to install it onto your website or in this case, a WordPress theme.Read More…
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    Adding Form Validation to WordPress Comments using jQuery200
    When it comes to simpler user experience, having your form validation happen instantly on the same page is a lot cleaner than reloading pages and possibly losing some form content. In this tutorial I'll show you how to use jQuery to do some instant checking on an example comment form.Read More…