Peter West Carey
Peter West Carey is a world traveling photographer who enjoys helping others learn the joy of great photography.
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    Using Cloud Storage For PhotographyPeter west carey utah2012 1021 7257
    “The Cloud” is another term for computer servers whose primary purpose is to store your data and make it accessible from anywhere. Granted, this ability has been available as long as there have been servers interconnected via communication channels, but for the average Internet user, the complexity of setting up and maintaining their own server, or virtual server, has kept them out of the game. This has recently changed.Read More…
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    20 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your PhotographyPeterwestcarey jordan2012 0712 1950 3
    When I find myself in something of a photography rut, it's a good time to ask more questions. Ruts usually happen from running on auto-pilot, plodding along, doing the same-old same-old. I’m good at landscape photography so I keep taking landscape photos as it is easy, comes naturally and is enjoyable. But without times of reflection or questioning, it is hard for us photographers to improve.Read More…
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    7 Tips for Shooting from a HelicopterPeter west carey 100902 091858 0394 2
    I hope you will have the opportunity to shoot photos from a helicopter once in your life. It is a fun and amazing experience, especially for those of us who enjoy flying. While you may have noticed a video by the high-profile photographer Chase Jarvis showing how he got ready for a shoot hanging from the side of a helicopter, chances are your own experience will not be anything like that. It might be a scenic flight over your local city or maybe while on vacation. It might even be for an assignment.Read More…
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    Tom Till: Landscapes from a LifetimeTomtill
    Like many professional photographers these days, Tom Till came into photography as an extension for his appreciation for nature and the natural world around us. He transitioned slowly while working regularly as a teacher until photography became his full time job over 25 years ago. Till shares with us his insights into what it takes to make it as a nature and landscape photographer (hint: lots of hard work) as well as how he goes about picking subjects.Read More…
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    Veronica von Allwörden: Take To The Skies With Camera In HandVeronica von allworden200px
    Veronica von Allwörden let's us into the world of shooting aerial photography and the real life ups and downs of a freelance photographer. Von Allwörden turned her passion for all things under the water and in the clouds into the start of a photography career. While it is a work in progress, she shares frank insights into what it takes to compete in a niche market even when life throws you a curveball.Read More…
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    Giving Something Back with Photography: 10 Ways to Get StartedPreview
    Photography can be a powerful medium through which to communicate, educate and bridge divides. For those of us in the industry, and those who approach photography as a hobby, it is a wonderful way to make a living and share life with our friends, family and complete strangers.Read More…
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    Ari Burling: From Architect's Son to Architectural PhotographerHeadshot
    In today's interview with New York based photographer Ari Burling, we're provided not only with a dose of the struggle that it takes to 'make it' as a photographer (while noting that he always feels like he can keep improving and not rest on his laurels), but also some advice directed to those wishing to give any form of photography a try.Read More…
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    Secrets Of Traveling With One LensPeter west carey reviews 2943
    One question I receive regularly deals with photography and travel. “I only want to take one lens. What's a good one?” This desire to simplify and lighten the load is common among people just getting started with a DSLR or looking to take a first trip abroad. Today, we'll cover all the aspects to consider when looking to purchase just one lens for travel and then we'll look at ways to get the most out of that gear.Read More…
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    The Basics of Better Moon Photography200x200
    It controls the tides and even some people's moods. It watches over us at night and sometimes makes a guest appearance during the day. It's our only non-man-made satellite and some people still think it is made of cheese.Read More…
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    Russ Bishop: Mastering the Landscape and the Adventure939376da russbishop
    Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Russ Bishop, a landscape, adventure sport and fine art photographer from California. As you will find out, Russ learned his trade in the time before digital cameras and instant gratification, but has fully embraced the switch to digital. He works constantly on reinventing himself and adapting to changes in the industry, which is why he has been as successful as he has been for so long.Read More…
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    Interview With Architectural Photographer David Churchill10001 3 2
    Today, we take a look into the world of architectural photography with our guest David Churchill. Based in the UK, Churchill has been plying his trade for over a decade. It was his insight into what it takes to make a living at architectural photography that lead me to interview him. I hope the discussion can be informative for all our readers looking to make photography their profession.Read More…
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    An Interview With Landscape And Wildlife Photographer Jon CornforthJon cornforth
    It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Jon Cornforth, an outstanding wildlife and landscape photographer based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Jon's photos have graced the cover of numerous magazines including Alaska Air Magazine, Outdoor Photographer and Backpacker.Read More…