Peter Hogan
Artist, Record Producer, Sound Designer, Song Writer, Audio Engineer from the UK. Bachelor's degree as a Music Technology Specialist at the London College of Music. My work has featured on Sky One, BBC and many UK based Radio stations.
  • Music & Audio
    Bring Your MIDI Drums to LifeMididrumslifepreview
    In this tutorial we take a look at MIDI drums. I take you through some of my favourite techniques for bringing MIDI drums to life, making them bigger and sound more live. I hope they help you in some of your mixes.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Make the Most of Single Cycle SamplingMusic and audio
    This premium screencast tutorial introduces you to single cycle sampling, which uses the cycles of a waveform rather than the transients. Producer Peter Hogan shows you how to take several samples and loop them using Logic Pro's EXS24 sample editor to come up with some interesting pad and organ sounds.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    How to Create the Reversed Reverb EffectPreview
    In this quick tip screencast, Peter Hogan shows you how to create a reversed reverb effect in Logic Pro. It's a versatile effect that can be used in many ways. In this tut we see how to apply it to a vocal track.Read More…